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Conditions our qualified team treat

Our staff are the hold the same qualifications as those people you would be referred to by your GP or a psychiatrist and are qualified and accredited to provide anxiety disorder guidance to sufferers.

Along-side The Linden Method you will also receive immediate access to our team of qualified Specialists, who are trained counsellors, psychologists and anxiety disorder coaches and who are all members of the BACP and the BPS.

Our team's qualifications and their accreditations by their associated mental health governing bodies enable them to treat a wide range of conditions including - anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O and PTSD. For more information go to http://www.bacp.co.uk and http://www.bps.org.uk

If you wish, you can call them right now for a free, informal consultation - ask them anything at all... they will always give you a straight and reassuring answer... trust me, they've heard everything over the years! Call 0844 704 8930

The Linden Centres' Core Psychological Team

Jenny Brookes Portrait

Jenny Brookes BSc, MSc


Jenny is an integral part of our team. Jenny is Head of Support at The Linden Centers and provides the highest level of experiential advice possible. Jenny is an occupational psychologist and life coach with many high-end clients, she also lectures at University level. Jenny is our lead educator and is primary lecturer at The Linden Anxiety Retreats

Fiona Cullen

Fiona Cullen


Fiona Cullen is a qualified counsellor. Fiona's has vast experience in the field of anxiety reduction and has a natural ability to calm and reassure. Fiona has an amazing ability to relate to anxious clients and the warmth, which is so evident when you speak with her, is enormously beneficial. Fiona is a great listener and highly valued by our team and all of our clients.

Kathy Donovan Portrait

Kathy Donovan


Kathy is a qualified counsellor with a massive mine of personal and professional experience in the field of anxiety reduction. Kathy is very much like Charles in the way she administers her advice and support. Kathy's excellent advice coupled with her amazing personality make her a highly requested member of our support team.

Jackie Anderson Portrait

Jackie Anderson


Jackie is a psychotherapist and has many thousands of hours of experience with anxiety and panic disorders. Jackie's primary role at The Linden Centre is to provide direct support via email and telephone to anxious clients from around the world.

Martin Jensen Portrait

Martin Jensen


Martin is a psychologist who lives in Denmark. Martin has personal experience of high anxiety and OCD and knows what all sufferers go through.
Martin manages Linden Method Denmark.

Sheila Darley Portrait

Sheila Darley


Sheila is a psychotherapist with a special interest in anxiety disorders. Sheila's experience is vast with thousands of hours under her belt assisting anxious people to make full recoveries. Sheila's main role at The Linden Centre is to provide telephone and email support to our anxious clients.




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