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Anxiety & Breathing Problems

This information is based on 20 years practice and helping millions of anxious people

We have helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand and overcome their anxiety disorders... the information on this page is unique because no other organisation uses LAR recovery therapy and no other organisation or person has helped the quantity of people just like you to recover.

What we tell you will change your mind - Literally. You will see that we speak absolute science... simple science... and that all we say makes absolute sense.

Your breathing problems are not a symptom... they are a feature of your current emotional state.

More or less every anxious person we have helped since 1997 has some form of breathing problem.

How does it effect you?

Shortness of breath?
Tightness in chest?
Difficulty taking a deep breath?
Fast breathing?
Slow breathing?
Heightened attention to breath?
Feeling like you have to 'manually breathe'?

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Why does anxiety cause breathing problems?

In truth, anxiety doesn't cause breathing problems...

Despite how it feels, you are breathing and doing so effectively... I know it doesn't feel that way but you are.

I had these issues for over 25 years and in some cases called ambulances, rushed to the doctor and panicked because I thought that if I didn't 'think about breathing', I would stop. Breathing was a constant focus and it drove me crazy.

The moment I opened my eyes, my attention automatically went to my breath. I must have been breathing normally whilst asleep... I lived through every night... all sufferers do.... but, as soon as I woke, it became conscious again... then I'd struggle to take a deep breath and my attention would be fully back on it again.

In addition, I suffered from contamination OCD, agoraphobia, panic disorder and health anxiety... to name a few.

I couldn't understand why anxiety breathing problems dominated my life.

But now I know.

They don't... the heightened attention to breathing and the constantly strange perception that I wasn't breathing effectively, were all features of hyper-vigilance and the core anxiety disorder... nothing more.

The obsessive attention anxiety sufferers pay to their breathing is activated when breathing changes during the initial anxiety but then becomes constant as the sufferer focuses on it with 'what if' thoughts.

anxiety breathing problems lady

Listen to this VERY carefully

You CANNOT use breathing exercises to change your breathing or cure your anxiety disorders.

If you do breathing exercises, you will focus on the breathing issue and perpetuate it. Anyone who tells you otherwise, hasn't got enough knowledge to be helping you.

If you don't have any anxious breathing issues, this isn't an issue but for those with anxiety breathing problems... it is vital.

It is important for you to understand that your anxiety disorder is not caused by bad breathing or by 'life pressure'... it is a systemic condition caused by a genetic predisposition.

We will show you how to remove the disorder centrally... your breathing will then automatically return to normal.

anxiety breathing problems lady 2

WARNING - Do not use mindfulness meditation

Breathing is preset in your subconscious mind - You are anxious, there is nothing wrong with your breathing!

Breathing problems during anxiety are neurological mixed messages... it just feels like your breathing is incorrect.

Mindfulness meditation brings your attention to your breathing and to your 'self'... doing so will, at best, perpetuate your anxiety disorder and could possibly cause you to have panic attacks and increased anxiety. Mindfulness is the worst possible thing an anxiety sufferer can do... EVEN IF they believe it's helping them.

You DO NOT need relaxation... you do not need meditation... you do not need breathing exercises.

These facts are taken from the clear science of the emotions and of anxiety disorder development. Accept them and address the disorder... not the symptoms.

We will PROVE to you that you can be anxiety disorder free FAST

If you could reverse what you did to form the anxiety disorder initially, you would be cured, correct?

The Linden Method and our anxiety disorder specialists will show you how you can do exactly that without the use of medication or psychologist sessions. It is so simple to implement and the changes start to happen immediately.

You will be given simple guidance of what you must do, backed up by the most experience one on one support from our specialists who have helped tens of thousands of other sufferers just like you to eliminate their anxiety disorders completely and permanently.

Dr Romulo Valdez of Dartmouth & Harvard Medical says...

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