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Anxiety Disorder

How to overcome anxiety disorders and every symptom and thought it causes.

Let me prove to you how you can recover quickly from anxiety disorders. 

There are a number of conditions associated with the term anxiety disorder, these are, panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder.

All of these conditions, like your anxiety, cannot exist without underlying anxiety.

It is a common misconception that OCD is not an anxiety disorder, it is; OCD is simply a heightened sense of catastrophic thinking which is common even in low level anxiety disorder. These 'what if' thought processes are what fuel our obsessive thoughts, our fears, our phobias and our anxieties in general, but during anxiety disorder, these become embellished and more invasive.

Again, agoraphobia is a condition which is fuelled by these 'what if' thoughts which force the anxious person to question everything they do:

What if I drive alone?
What if I go to that party and feel anxious?
What if I ride on the bus and panic?
What if I pass out?

What if thoughts invade the lives of every anxiety sufferer and also support the anxiety disorder when the sufferer begins to restrict their lives and their activities to avoid the fears.

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How does anxiety disorder form?

Anxiety disorder forms when the mechanism in the brain which controls anxiety levels becomes 'reset' at a higher than normal level creating symptoms and sensations associated with high anxiety.

Anxiety disorder can manifest itself with a variety of sensations and thoughts which can include, at its peak, panic attacks and in its mildest form, a general feeling of unrest and anxiety. Anxiety disorder is caused by a 'reset' which happens in the subconscious mind in an organ called the Amygdala.

This tiny organ behaves rather like a thermostat but instead of controlling temperature, it controls anxiety levels as a response to signals received through our sensory organs. An initial anxious catalyst causes the amygdala to create the anxiety reaction, or the 'fight or fight' response, which includes the release of the hormone adrenalin which is responsible for many of the physical symptoms we experience in anxiety disorder.

If this happens once and the sufferer identifies what it is and doesn't fear it, it is possible that they will not develop an anxiety disorder, but, if the person becomes fearful of the symptoms they experience, a fear of the anxiety develops which can lead to the development of an anxiety disorder. At this point, changes are made in the subconscious mind which causes the sufferer to develop the subconscious, anxious habit which is anxiety disorder.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorder?

In their mildest form, anxiety disorder symptoms cause the sufferer to experience low levels of anxiety, if not constantly, then at various times during the day and/or night. At their most extreme anxiety disorder symptoms include panic attacks, a wide variety of physical symptoms connected to circulation, digestion, respiration and many sensory disturbances.

Panic disorder, which is an anxiety disorder, also affects us psychologically through changes in blood/chemical levels including oxygen and carbon dioxide levels which can cause profound changes in the way we feel and think.

These can cause a variety of disturbed thoughts including aggressive, sexual, obsessive and sad thoughts which are all disturbing to the anxiety disorder sufferer.

anxiety disorder lady

Anxiety disorder symptoms include:

Panic attacks
Shortness of breath
Racing heart
Blurred vision
Pins and needles
Tightness/pain in chest
Lump in throat
Digestive upsets

Need to pass urine
Aching muscles
Smothering sensations
Strange thoughts
Eating disorders
Fear of dying
Pure O
...and many more

Whilst these symptoms are all associated with anxiety disorder, some people may never experience some of them; others may experience all of them.

Anxiety disorders affect each and every sufferer in different ways, partly due to genetics, partly to do with life experiences but what is common in every anxiety disorder sufferer is the cause of the condition.

The source of anxiety disorder lies in the amygdala regardless of age, sex, symptoms and length of time suffered; and this can be addressed and reversed quickly and permanently.

So what is the solution to anxiety disorder?

If you could reverse what you did to form the anxiety disorder initially, you would be cured, correct?

Well, The Linden Method and our anxiety disorder specialists will show you how you can do exactly that without the use of medication or psychologist sessions. It is so simple to implement and the changes start to happen immediately.

You will be given simple guidance of what you must do, backed up by the most experience one on one support from our specialists who have helped tens of thousands of other sufferers just like you to eliminate their anxiety disorders completely and permanently.

Dr Romulo Valdez of Dartmouth & Harvard Medical says...

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