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Anyone who tells you that you cannot recover or that you must learn coping strategies, have talking therapy or take medication is BADLY misinformed.

If you have tried medication or talking therapy, hypnosis or other 'treatments', you'll already know that they don't remove anxiety disorders... there's a scientific reason for that... none of them address the true cause.

Our recovery specialists have all suffered just like you and recovered fully and they are all mental health professionals - they and any psychophysiologist or neurologist, will confirm that there's only one way to recover from anxiety disorders.

Despite what you have been told, the mind and body are pre-set for recovery and just one step away from total calm. Psychology and medicine don't understand why you suffer, what causes it or how to help you to recover. This is why our clients send us thousands of testimonials of recovery and why you wont find testimonials on the websites of other treatments or practitioners.

Our worldwide, 20 year reputation is why celebrities, sports-people, politicians, even aristocracy recommend our programs.

Some of our ambassadors can bee seen at the bottom of this page!

Since 1997, we have been using the only recovery therapy to remove anxiety disorders with 100% effectiveness and unlimited support and guidance from our team. If you're not doing this, you're wasting precious time and missing out on the recovery you deserve.

Anxiety Treatments & True Recovery

Do you want to MANAGE your anxiety or remove it completely?

Since 1997, we have helped over 210,000 people to recover.

Do you want to know how? By...

1. Lowering anxiety levels back to normal

2. Telling the anxiety disorder to switch off

3. Telling the mind to reduce its automatic response to danger

So how do you do these things?

It's actually very simple, it can be done right now and it takes about 30 minutes to understand and do.

BUT... it's the only way to switch off anxiety disorders, so please just do it.

Anxiety IS NOT What You Might Think

Despite what anyone has told you, anxiety is not acceptable or 'normal'... anxiety is a disorder... fear is the emotion, anxiety is a disorder of the emotion of fear.

Anxiety is not illness. It happens because you have a fear disorder.

BUT this is NOT an anxiety disorder because anxiety is a disorder... you can't have an anxiety disorder disorder!

Does that make sense?

Anxiety is a necessary and harmless bodily response. Normally, adrenalin would be used up by fighting or fleeing from a REAL threat, but in anxiety disorders, that threat doesn't exist.

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What are the main symptoms of anxiety?

Shortness of breath or smothering sensations
Chest pain
Palpitations and/or racing 
Muscle pains or tingling
Upset stomach
Urgency to urinate
Visual disturbances
Dry mouth
Sense of impending doom
Fear of dying or losing consciousness
Fear of going mad
Facial numbness
Generalised anxiety
Agoraphobia or social phobia
Low self esteem
Health anxiety
Eating disorders
Self harming

So is there an effective anxiety treatment?

Since 1997 we have been helping people to quickly remove anxiety and all of the symptoms, conditions and thoughts it produces.

We have spent years using and perfecting ways to erase anxiety completely. Our resources will show you how to do the same very quickly indeed.

SUCCESS RATE - 100% - it cannot fail. Why? Because what we show you is your body's own anxiety recovery process... there is no other way to do this.

Anxiety disorders will be stopped in their tracks

In the portal, you will also find everything you will need to undermine and remove:

Generalised anxiety
Obsessive thoughts
Health anxiety
Eating disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pure O
panic attacks treatment PAE

Trust me, I was once stood in my bedroom calling an ambulance for the 3rd or 4th time that day and I can say with absolute truth that the 25 years I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts throughout school and university, till I was 27, could have been stopped had I had the resources in TLM. Charles Linden. Director

Why are people still suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are at pandemic levels. I believe that hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from them.

Apart from pointless therapies and medications, that you have probably tried and I definitely did, it seems that doctors and psychologists have no idea what anxiety is or what to do about it. No medication or talking therapy will erase anxiety disorders - The mind has to do that itself.

Our hearts go out to the kids of as young as 4 to 5 years who come to us having anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD. It's horrendous. We are just glad that they come to us instead of getting medicated and probed in inappropriate psychology sessions.

The reason you still suffer is because no one you have been advised by understands the disorder or the core science of the disorders.

If you do as instructed right now, you will stop your anxiety and return to normal emotional responses.

EVERY single person who has EVER suffered and recovered HAD TO go through this anxiety treatment process!

The mind has 'presets' that cannot be manipulated or changed by psychology or medication. You are experiencing anxiety and its symptoms because YOUR mind has made the decision that its current fear levels are appropriate and correct.

Consciously, you know they are not.

So all you have to do is show your subconscious mind that the anxiety is unnecessary... the mind then switches it off.

You will be left feeling relaxed and calm... the way you should be.

the linden method statement
How do we know this? Because all at TLM were just like you once!
What do you want? By our Director Charles Linden

Dr Romulo Valdez of Dartmouth Medical & Harvard University says...

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Some of our wonderful Linden Method Recovery Ambassadors
plum sykes ex linden method client
Plum Sykes - Vogue Editor
“I highly recommend the Anxiety Recovery Retreat & TLM.”
jemma kidd ex linden method client
Lady Jemma Mornington "Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use TLM."
miranda hart linden method
Miranda Hart - Actress
Miranda is one of our amazing celebrity Ambassadors.
linda  robson the linden method
Linda Robson - Actress
"TLM - not just life changers they are life savers."
jodie kidd the  linden method
Jodie Kidd - Supermodel
"I bought TLM and within days, I was feeling better,”
kate ford the linden method client
Kate Ford - Actress
"Anyone suffering from anxiety should do TLM. It worked for me."

The Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Obsessions,
Health Anxiety, Eating Disorders &
Depression Recovery Programs

For all conditions of the emotions

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience

Recovery Programs
Age 7 upward

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Recovery Workshops
Age 17 upward

One day recovery workshops in house or at your place of work/study. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Ongoing unlimited qualified support included.

Residential Recovery
Age 17 upward

Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People
Ages 4 - 17

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.

Also FREE when you join TLM

In addition to The Linden Method and qualified recovery support, you will be able to access a wealth of additional resources which compliment The Linden Method and will speed up your recovery

We currently include all of our published books, CDs, TV series, DVDs, Recovery Webinars and much more, (worth over £900), in our Portal Membership. All of our resources can be used on desktop, laptop, phones and tablets using any operating system.
Here are just SOME of the resources you will be able to access
STOP panic attacks in their tracks
Remove agoraphobia in 5 simple steps
Audios to create fast and deep sleep
Confidence building audios
How to become powerful & resilient
Visualisations to create deep relaxation
Charles' entire Stress Free TV series
Charles' Stress Free Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer Generalised Anxiety Disorder DVD
Conquer Panic Disorder DVD
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder DVD
Specific condition busting instruction. Videos on every condition and how to overcome them all fast
Panic Attacks Talkdown Videos. Watch to stop panic attacks as they start, wherever you are
Regular and previous interactive Anxiety Recovery Webinars - hosted by Charles Linden
How to Recover From Anxiety Disorders in minutes. With Charles Linden
Life-coaching and counselling instruction to help you to address stressful life experiences
Every anxious symptom, thought and sensation explained simply and scientifically

Brand new & included in TLM

The Grief Brief will teach you how to quickly deal with loss, grief and change - A simple video explanation of the science and how to use it!
All resources are published by Lifewise Publishing, Hay House Publishing, CL Media and Linden Tree Education under license.