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We help children from toddlers to 17 years to fully recover and move on with their lives anxiety free.

We have home access programs but also a one day childhood anxiety recovery event for both the young person and parents.

Charles, our CEO, knows what it is to be an anxious child.

Charles experienced OCD, panic attacks, agoraphobia, school-phobia, monophobia, eating disorders, separation anxiety and a massive raft of symptoms and thoughts throughout childhood; but he, like all of us at Linden Tree, understand also how to remove the disorders fast.

Childhood anxiety is actually very simple to overcome... the reason for that is simple, children are neurologically programmed to learn but as they enter adulthood their ability to accept incoming data as absolute truth reduces.

Our focus is on true recovery, not coping strategies or anxiety management.

14 year old Hollie on her recovery

In anxiety recovery, children tend to make very speedy improvements and these produce such a positive emotional response in the child that they feel compelled to continue and comply.

The recovery then snowballs.

Young people are often neglected and abused by inappropriate practice and parents and carers become frightened and disillusioned by the lack of services, support and outcome results experienced at the hands of general practice and mental health services.

As a parent it is overwhelming to watch your child suffer unnecessarily and given that fast relief is possible and fast when you receive the correct guidance, all suffering is unnecessary.

Watch the video (below) of a young man called Kyle who was just 15 when he recovered.

Also above, you will see a video by 15 year old Hollie Roberts, who was hospitalised in The Priory London for over 12 weeks with anxiety, self-harming, panic attacks, OCD and agoraphobia. When she came out she was far worse.

One week after starting our programme... well, please just watch the video and find out for yourself how her life changed.

Find out about our childhood anxiety home access and residential programs HERE 

Miranda Hart - Our Childhood Recovery Director

15 year old Kyle on his recovery

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Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method
Contact Jackie our Head of Childhood and Youth Recovery programs on +44(0)1562742004 or by emailing her at
Kyle with Charles & Gok Wan on Gok's Teens
Charles worked with Gok Wan, who asked him to help Kyle to overcome his anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and OCD. In three weeks Kyle went from chronically anxious and housebound to recovered and even lobbied for changes in mental health school provisions in parliament in front of hundreds of MPs. Kyle is now studying medicine and realising his dreams.
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Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Contact Jackie

Contact Jackie our Head of Childhood and Youth Recovery programs on


or by emailing her at

You child will be free from childhood anxiety, obsessions or panic...

"Imagine waking every day considering nothing but the experiences and adventure ahead of you... well that's how you will be! No matter how your disorder manifests in you, we will show you how you can live your life in emotional balance, excited about life, not fearful and depressed."
Charles Linden. Director. Linden Tree Education
Let's be clear on this... 

Anxiety is a condition of the emotions, it is NOT an emotion... fear is an emotion. You can't cure emotions... BUT, you can recover from emotional disorders! Fully.

Our emotions are chemical. They are generated in the mind's synapses as sparks jump across them collecting the appropriate chemical in order to provide us with an emotional experience.

When the system is working correctly, we feel happy and well and all of our bodily functions work together in harmony. In anxiety disorders, the opposite is experienced... as you well know.
Emotional balance brings with it physical balance and wellbeing - Why? 

Because we are what chemicals tell us to be. Your entire body is under the control of and totally reliant on the endocrine system that controls body chemistry.

It, not only, tells the physical body what to do and provides emotions, but it also keeps us alive, circulates blood, digests food and a myriad of other vital bodily functions... all in absolute harmony. Until disorders happen.


All emotional conditions are experienced directly because of chemical responses in the synapses in the brain and our programs will teach you how to, not only, take immediate control of those responses, but also how to quickly erase the ability to suffer from emotional imbalance, anxiety disorders, low mood, phobias, obsessions or any of the conditions experienced... ever again.

You will then be in lifelong balance and your body and mind will be able to work effectively in every way.

The system is designed to be used by people from 7 years of age over 20 years of research and development to make it simple, understandable and immediately effective.

Read some of the thousands of success stories HERE

What do YOU have to do?

It really is child's play! Kids of seven do it with ease!

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Join within 3 minutes and get instant access to all the materials and support

Watch the Instruction videos

Watch the instructional videos and do as instructed. Use the recovery resources as needed

Contact Support

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Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Enjoy Life

If you do as instructed, emotional balance will follow. Now just enjoy the life you deserve


When you join us, our focus is on your fast recovery.

All other therapies are management practices, set up to support you in suffering, not to produce relief

For over 20 years, our therapy has been creating recovery with 100% efficacy - if you do as instructed. It's just so simple but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do! Learn more

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Our mission

To wipe out all anxiety related conditions globally. We've already made a good start.

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Our goals

To cure 2 million people before 2018 & make TLM the first choice therapy in healthcare.