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GAD Sufferers constantly live in fear of catastrophic consequences.

GAD causes a pointless fear, based on what 'might happen'. This fear is caused by the fear response as a result of certain physical and mental changes, which happen during anxiety disorders.

In GAD, these changes cause sufferers to feel threatened most of the time, even when no actual (real) threat exists. This constant state of anxious arousal is not only frightening, but also frustrating for sufferers. They know they have no reason to be frightened but are, seemingly, powerless to do anything about it.

GAD sufferers often find themselves withdrawing socially and paying less attention to their relationships, their jobs and their enjoyment of life in general.

This situation, although pointless, is common amongst GAD sufferers and with the correct structured programme and support is very simple to undo, allowing the sufferer to become anxiety free and continue with their lives unhindered.

GAD is at epidemic proportions around the world. It is estimated approximately 1 in 4 people suffer from GAD, regardless of age or gender. The figures are shocking, but what is more shocking is that, GAD is often ignored or mistreated with spasmodic psychotherapy or inappropriate drug treatments at best. It is amongst the most common 'medical condition' in the world and yet it is so badly misunderstood and mistreated.

GAD Symptoms

Sufferers of GAD are unable to shake the constant worry that plagues them, even when they know there is nothing substantial to worry about.

The physical and mental symptoms of GAD can be far reaching. The human body is covered with millions of tiny nerve endings, which relay information to and from the brain in milliseconds. This system is a pathway for learning, behaviours, control mechanisms and self preservation, but when anxiety causes bodily systems to become prepared for the anxiety 'flight or fight' response, all of these nerve endings begin to feed back and send out very confused signals.

As the body prepares for action, 'flight or fight' response, digestion, circulation, respiration and other bodily systems start behaving differently and this can cause a huge range of anxiety symptoms, sensations and thoughts.

Physical GAD Symptoms

The physical symptoms which accompany Generalised Anxiety Disorder can include:

Muscle tension / aches
Difficulty swallowing or a 'lump in the throat' sensation
Sweating / hot flushes
Trembling / twitching
Headaches and/or 'light-headed' sensations
Chest pain, palpitations or a 'racing heart'
Sickness / diarrhoea / constipation
Breathing difficulties
Panic attacks

Psychological GAD Symptoms

Psychological symptoms of GAD may include:

General inability to relax or feel 'at ease'
Insomnia (inability to sleep effectively)
Disturbing thoughts
Enhanced sensitivity to loud noises, extreme temperatures or bright light
Difficulty in concentrating
Feelings of depression
Obsessive thoughts

The symptoms of GAD are mostly milder forms of those that would be experienced in Panic Disorder or OCD for example, but can also be quite pronounced.

Whilst unpleasant, these symptoms are completely harmless and will be removed on recovery.

The bodily systems that produce these symptoms were designed for self-preservation, not to cause any harm to the sufferer. The symptoms can be very severe or quite mild but they are simply confused, anxious nerve impulses and the sensations created when the bodily systems affected by the fight or flight response is activated. If the flight or fight response in GAD causes all of these inappropriate symptoms and sensations, all we need to do is show you how you can quickly and permanently remove this inappropriate response and eliminate your anxiety and GAD permanently.
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We will show you how to return to normal emotional responses

You will wake every day with normal thoughts and total emotional and physical balance - No drugs, no 'therapy' no 'face your fear tactics' or mumbo jumbo. Just simple, fast and effective removal of your anxiety condition with unlimited guidance by qualified recovery professionals IF you need it.

You can and will be free from your Generalised Anxiety Disorder...

"Imagine waking every day considering nothing but the experiences and adventure ahead of you... well that's how you will be! No matter how your disorder manifests in you, we will show you how you can live your life in emotional balance, excited about life, not fearful and depressed."
Charles Linden. Director. Linden Tree Education
Let's be clear on this... 

Anxiety is a condition of the emotions, it is NOT an emotion... fear is an emotion. You can't cure emotions... BUT, you can recover from emotional disorders! Fully.

Our emotions are chemical. They are generated in the mind's synapses as sparks jump across them collecting the appropriate chemical in order to provide us with an emotional experience.

When the system is working correctly, we feel happy and well and all of our bodily functions work together in harmony. In anxiety disorders, the opposite is experienced... as you well know.
Emotional balance brings with it physical balance and wellbeing - Why? 

Because we are what chemicals tell us to be. Your entire body is under the control of and totally reliant on the endocrine system that controls body chemistry.

It, not only, tells the physical body what to do and provides emotions, but it also keeps us alive, circulates blood, digests food and a myriad of other vital bodily functions... all in absolute harmony. Until disorders happen.


All emotional conditions are experienced directly because of chemical responses in the synapses in the brain and our programs will teach you how to, not only, take immediate control of those responses, but also how to quickly erase the ability to suffer from emotional imbalance, anxiety disorders, low mood, phobias, obsessions or any of the conditions experienced... ever again.

You will then be in lifelong balance and your body and mind will be able to work effectively in every way.

The system is designed to be used by people from 7 years of age over 20 years of research and development to make it simple, understandable and immediately effective.

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Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience

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Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

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One day recovery workshops in house or at your place of work/study. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Ongoing unlimited qualified support included.

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Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
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Young People
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Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
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When you join us, our focus is on your fast recovery.

All other therapies are management practices, set up to support you in suffering, not to produce relief

For over 20 years, our therapy has been creating recovery with 100% efficacy - if you do as instructed. It's just so simple but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do! Learn more

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