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We cannot vouch for counterfeit, incomplete or used materials bought from any other organization.
We are the only providers of authentic TLM Learning materials.
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"I will personally coach you to full recovery." Charles

the Linden Method
JOIN NOW and get full access to our anxiety relief club webinars free of charge.

Lifetime Membership - Unlimited, Professional RECOVERY Support by phone and email

In The Linden Method and Anxiety Relief Club webinars, you will receive everything you will need in order to remove any inappropriate emotional issues you experience. Children's version also available.

The Linden Method will provide you with guidance, knowledge, reassurance and support about every aspect of your condition.

We will leave 'no stone unturned' and you will have no doubt about how to achieve recovery.
the l;inden method

Membership Allocation - July 2017 - 220 places

We have just 220* places for Workshop, Retreat and Home Learning clients for July. In order to secure your place on the programme call +44(0)1562 742004 or register your interest/membership using the button below.
*Program access allocations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to adjust allocation levels.
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Places Remaining

There are limited places left on the July TLM membership allocation. MORE
The Linden Method clientthe linden method review
The Linden Method client
the linden method reviewthe linden method testimonial

Lifetime access to the LiNDEN METHOD desktop and mobile recovery portal

+ Panic, Phobia & OCD Stoppers and more

The Linden Method Recovery Portal not only contains the full recovery program but also recovery webinars, apps to stop panic attacks, agoraphobia and GAD, an anxiety reduction diet, stress advice, life-coaching and all of our TV series, audios, DVDs, books and apps.

The Linden Method program materials are video based, so very little effort is required - you will be guided to recovery and provided with access to the most qualified, experienced Anxiety Recovery Specialists on an unlimited basis - there to reassure and guide you... AND they have ALL suffered, so they know how you feel and what to do about it!

We have worked incredibly hard since 1997 to create a resource that provides everything you could possibly need, or want, to make recovery simple and fast... and we know you'll love it!

The Linden Method is THE solution all wrapped up and presented to be easy to use wherever you are.

Clients ask... "why weren't we given The Linden Method before?"

FREE Professional Support

FREE UNLIMITED Private Anxiety Recovery Support for every Linden Method member.

Did you know that when you join The Linden Method, you get unlimited access to experienced, qualified anxiety recovery specialists that would cost over £80 an hour in private practice. There to reassure and guide you when YOU need them. And they have all suffered and recovered, so they know exactly how you feel. No other professional organisation provides constant, unlimited, recovery support!

Our team consists of BACP and BPS psychotherapists and psychologists and LAR accredited practitioners.

The Linden Method receives support and praise above and beyond any other resource or service

We started Linden Tree Education in 1996 and we never thought that within two decades, we would be regarded as the world's leading anxiety recovery practice and that The Linden Method would become the world's first and only recovery therapy.

The Linden Method is life-changing and clients often say how before starting the Method, they had tried everything else with little to no change.

The Linden Method isn't just a recovery therapy, it's a way of rebooting your emotions, resetting balance in both body and mind and preparing your body for wellbeing, fulfilment and a happy life.

Since The Linden Method was created, we have gathered the most amazing group of Linden Method Ambassadors and supporters from with our client group and from others within the media and healthcare. The Linden Method is the preferred mental health recovery option for many TV studios, movie companies, sports organisations and corporate clients.
Some of our wonderful Linden Method Recovery Ambassadors
plum sykes ex linden method client
Plum Sykes - Vogue Editor
“I highly recommend the Anxiety Recovery Retreat & TLM.”
jemma kidd ex linden method client
Lady Jemma Mornington "Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use TLM."
miranda hart linden method
Miranda Hart - Actress
Miranda is one of our amazing celebrity Ambassadors.
linda  robson the linden method
Linda Robson - Actress
"TLM - not just life changers they are life savers."
jodie kidd the  linden method
Jodie Kidd - Supermodel
"I bought TLM and within days, I was feeling better,”
kate ford the linden method client
Kate Ford - Actress
"Anyone suffering from anxiety should do TLM. It worked for me."

Also FREE when you join TLM

In addition to The Linden Method and qualified recovery support, you will be able to access a wealth of additional resources which compliment The Linden Method and will speed up your recovery

We currently include all of our published books, CDs, TV series, DVDs, Recovery Webinars and much more, (worth over £900), in our Portal Membership. All of our resources can be used on desktop, laptop, phones and tablets using any operating system.
Here are just SOME of the resources you will be able to access
STOP panic attacks in their tracks
Remove agoraphobia in 5 simple steps
Audios to create fast and deep sleep
Confidence building audios
How to become powerful & resilient
Visualisations to create deep relaxation
Charles' entire Stress Free TV series
Charles' Stress Free Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer Generalised Anxiety Disorder DVD
Conquer Panic Disorder DVD
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder DVD
Specific condition busting instruction. Videos on every condition and how to overcome them all fast
Panic Attacks Talkdown Videos. Watch to stop panic attacks as they start, wherever you are
Regular and previous interactive Anxiety Recovery Webinars - hosted by Charles Linden
How to Recover From Anxiety Disorders in minutes. With Charles Linden
Life-coaching and counselling instruction to help you to address stressful life experiences
Every anxious symptom, thought and sensation explained simply and scientifically

Brand new & included in TLM

The Grief Brief will teach you how to quickly deal with loss, grief and change - A simple video explanation of the science and how to use it!
All resources are published by Lifewise Publishing, Hay House Publishing, CL Media and Linden Tree Education under license.

Some Linden Method client's explain how they recovered

What do YOU have to do?

It really is child's play! Kids of seven do it with ease!

Join a Program

Join within 3 minutes and get instant access to all the materials and support

Watch the Instruction videos

Watch the instructional videos and do as instructed. Use the recovery resources as needed

Contact Support

IF you require assistance, reassurance, guidance or just a chat, email or call us

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Enjoy Life

If you do as instructed, emotional balance will follow. Now just enjoy the life you deserve


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the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method