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Simple science clearly explained

Anxiety disorders are NOT mental illness.

Anxiety disorders are not mental illness. Mental illnesses result from chemical imbalance or brain trauma but anxiety disorders are neither.

Anxiety disorders result from an unfortunate accident of evolution which gives rise to an inappropriate response in your endocrine system.

The endocrine system controls the release of chemicals such as hormones and enzymes. It controls, for example, the release of digestive enzymes in the gut, hormones and substances such as adrenalin.

We all understand the role of adrenalin and understand it fully in context when we suffer from anxiety disorders. Adrenalin is released by the adrenal glands which sit in the thoracic cavity behind our ribs on the top of the kidneys. These glands also produce other hormones including steroids.

As you can see, these glands are NOT in the brain. It is the interaction between the brain and the adrenal glands that causes anxiety disorders.

Psychological intervention CANNOT prevent your adrenal glands from producing excess adrenalin or from releasing adrenalin inappropriately, which is why counselling, CBT and medication fail.

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The only way to remove an anxiety disorder is to prevent your brain from believing it requires excess fear.

Since 1997, The Linden Method works by telling your mind to switch off the disorder centrally.

We are asked regularly by psychologists and doctors "how does the Linden Method work?" and the answer is simple... it forces the brain to DO what it should have done just after the first anxiety was experienced.... to switch it off.

The Linden Method works to address all anxiety symptoms and disorders

Shortness of breath or smothering sensations
Chest pain
Palpitations and/or racing 
Muscle pains or tingling
Upset stomach
Urgency to urinate
Visual disturbances
Panic disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder
Derealization and depersonalization
Dry mouth
Sense of impending doom
Fear of dying or losing consciousness
Fear of going mad
Facial numbness
Generalised anxiety
Agoraphobia or social phobia
Low self esteem
Health anxiety
Eating disorders
Self harming
Eating disorders
School phobia
Health anxiety
Fear of dying
Fear of being alone

How effective is The Linden Method?

The Linden Method process can't fail... why? Because the process is just like eating to cure hunger... it can't fail.

The Linden method teaches sufferers how to quickly manipulate their mind into believing it is 'safe', switching off the fear response and erasing the disorder fully.

There is NO OTHER way to recover from anxiety disorders and taking medication, meditating, hypnosis and counselling will probably make the situation worse as they encourage and promote the formation of anxious neurology. The science of recovery is so simple. The process to recover is the same in every single human.

Can The Linden Method fail?

No... people can fail but the process cannot. If clients DO as instructed, it works. We have 7 year old clients who do TLM with ease. It's not difficult and the results happen so quickly that clients feel so compelled to continue... it's a case of 'if it feels good, you want more'.

EVERY single person who has EVER suffered and recovered HAD TO go through this process!

I asked a psychologist recently... "how many sufferers have you cured or met?"

His answer... "You can't cure anxiety"... to which I replied... "Well I haven't had any anxiety for 21 years and I have had car crashes, life trauma and tribulations... but haven't, since that day, even felt 'anxious'... fear yes... anxiety NO. All my cured clients feel the same way!"

He then asked me how we cure anxiety... did he really think I was going to tell him after he has spent 17 years treating sufferers with CBT and has never seen a single recovery in his clients! No way.

My wife, my team and myself run the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery and recovery practitioner training organisation... since 1997 we have helped over 320,000 people to recover from their anxiety disorders.

Dr Romulo Valdez of Dartmouth & Harvard Medical says...

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For all conditions of the emotions

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience

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