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Anxiety in children is at pandemic proportions and we only wished we could reach every child across the globe because we know that with our program, they can fully recover.  

We get tremendously upset and frustrated when parents are told that their children have to learn how to cope and are given strategies, like EFT, counselling, CBT, EMDR or are given a book and told to practice ‘ mindfulness’ - all of which, we know from our 20 years of experience, from independent research and from science itself, are counter-productive, but even more worryingly, also, dangerous.

Even more disturbing is that very young children are being prescribed anti-depressants when they actually aren’t suffering from clinical depression but from anxiety disorders and low mood. These medications can be massively detrimental and even cause further physical and psychological issues.They are also therapeutically redundant.

The option we have for under 18’s is our Junior edition of The Linden Method which is aimed at 7-17 year olds.  The cost of this is one total payment of £257 (inc VAT) which includes 12 months support for both your child and for you (one parent or guardian). Please review that here

Our program is very different because it provides a solution and it empowers both parent and child which leads to recovery, without the need of medication or endless therapy sessions.

There are so many anxiety catalysts that children and adolescents face in the present social climate, such as peer pressure, changes in home life, family bereavement, social media, SATS, exams, physical and hormonal changes and so many transitions.   However, these are catalysts and not the cause.  

It’s natural for children to worry, but these pressures can activate an anxiety disorder in some children, this then can manifest in various ways. With under 17’s we support the parents to support the child.  We speak to very many parents who feel helpless as they are given no guidance as to how they can help their child to recover.  We give parents the awareness and information on how to support your child's recovery and not their anxiety. The Linden Method Junior Version includes reassuring CDs for your child to listen to and ongoing recovery support by our qualified psychotherapeutic team. Both parent and child, if they are over 13 years old, will have access to email and telephone support, guidance and reassurance.

Please note that we do not provide counselling or therapy.  Instead we provide Linden Anxiety Recovery Coaching for a structured, solution focused program of recovery.

Prior to us booking a free 20 minute telephone consultation, can we please request that you complete the confidential Suitability Assessment Questionnaire, by following the link below:

Once a member of our Senior Support team has had opportunity to assess your completed questionnaire we will contact you.  If we feel that we can assist, we will arrange a free 20 minute telephone conversation to provide further information so the you can make an informed decision as to whether you would like to enrol on the program.  If we feel that we are unable to assist, we will, of course, inform you via email stating the reasons for our decision.    

Please be assured that all information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Please remember to complete the form by following the link above and we will be in touch soon.

If you wish to receive information about one-to-one sessions with Charles or the team, please email me at

Beth Linden - Programme Director. LTE
My name is Charles Linden and I know, all too well, how it feels to suffer from childhood anxiety disorders.
From the age of 4 years, which is my earliest memory of anxiety affecting my life, I experienced night frights, school phobia, tics, obsessions, panic attacks, agoraphobia, monophobia (fear of being alone), separation anxiety, eating disorders, health anxiety and dozens of physical symptoms and inappropriate thoughts... till I was 27 years old.

It is my passion to prevent that suffering in ANY child and it is my lifelong ambition to get this programme to every person, but especially young person, that needs to quickly and simply return to normal thoughts, emotional responses, behaviours and activities... to resume the life they deserve.
LAR Therapy which is the therapy behind TLM Junior and all of our workshop and residential programs, is the World's only accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy. 

I developed the therapy having cured myself in 1997. Since then and not entirely by design, I have now helped over 200,000 people worldwide and have devised programmes, books, CDs, DVDs and TV programmes to communicate the recovery pathways we have created.

EVERYTHING we do is based on science. Not on the false science administered in talking therapies and medical interventions, but the science of the emotions that has developed in all humans through evolution. The science that moves people from emotional imbalance and physical turmoil to recovered, sometimes in hours. Recovery happens quickly if you know how to administer it.

The most wonderful aspect of recovery and the process to lead you there, is that it is made clear from the first moment that suffering is due to a wonderful and powerful STRENGTH... a genetic gift if you like. This science is massively positively influential.

GREAT NEWS - Children respond much faster than adults - The child brain responds so quickly to instruction and is compelled through 'good feelings'. The, almost instant, relief they experience is just so powerful and drives them to ramp up their recovery... but this isn't 'magic'... it's just simple human biology in action.

Our junior programmes are administered by health practitioners with a professional level qualification as an LAR Recovery Practitioner and all of our programs have been developed over two decades of research and development, to be simple, accessible, supportive and quickly effective.

Yours or your child's recovery is our focus. Not management or coping strategies, but fast relief from any fear, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood experienced currently.
For more information about our rchildhood anxiety programmes, please contact Jackie Anderson: +44(0)1562 702720 or email her at

The Linden Method Childhood Anxiety Recovery

Lifetime Membership - 12 Months Unlimited, Professional Support

You will receive everything you will need in order to show you child how to remove any inappropriate emotional issues they experience. The portal contains the entire TLM programme and additional resources for your child. As an example, included are audio tracks your child can use alone or with you, in order to help them to defocus away from the anxiety and to sleep at night.

We will provide you with guidance, knowledge, reassurance and support about every aspect of their condition including explaining every symptom and thought and how to erase them.

We will leave 'no stone unturned' and you will have no doubt about how to achieve recovery.

Lifetime access to the desktop and mobile recovery portal

The portal not only, contains the recovery program but also recovery webinars, apps to stop panic attacks, agoraphobia and GAD, dietary advice, stress advice, life-coaching and all of our TV series, audios, DVDs, books and apps.

The program materials are video based so very little effort is required - you will be guided on how to create your child's recovery and you'll be provided with access to the most qualified, experienced Anxiety Recovery Specialists on an unlimited basis - there to reassure and guide you... AND, they have ALL suffered, so they know how your child feels and what to do about it!

We have worked incredibly hard since 1997 to create a resource that provides everything you could possibly need or want to make recovery simple and fast... and we know you'll love it!

FREE Professional Support

FREE UNLIMITED Private Anxiety Recovery Support for every Linden Method member.

Did you know that when you join The Linden Method, you get unlimited access to experienced, qualified anxiety recovery specialists that would cost over £80 an hour in private practice. There to reassure and guide you when YOU need them. And they have all suffered and recovered, so they know exactly how you feel. No other professional organisation provides constant, unlimited, recovery support!

Our team consists of BACP and BPS psychotherapists and psychologists and LAR accredited practitioners.

FREE when you join TLM

In addition to The Linden Method and qualified recovery support, you will be able to access a wealth of additional resources which compliment The Linden Method and will speed up recovery

We currently include all of our published books, CDs, TV series, DVDs, Recovery Webinars and much more, (worth over £900), in our Portal Membership. All of our resources can be used on desktop, laptop, phones and tablets using any operating system.
Here are just SOME of the resources you will be able to access
STOP panic attacks in their tracks
Remove agoraphobia in 5 simple steps
Audios to create fast and deep sleep
Confidence building audios
How to become powerful & resilient
Visualisations to create deep relaxation
Charles' entire Stress Free TV series
Charles' Stress Free Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer Generalised Anxiety Disorder DVD
Conquer Panic Disorder DVD
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder DVD
Specific condition busting instruction. Videos on every condition and how to overcome them all fast
Panic Attacks Talkdown Videos. Watch to stop panic attacks as they start, wherever you are
Regular and previous interactive Anxiety Recovery Webinars - hosted by Charles Linden
How to Recover From Anxiety Disorders in minutes. With Charles Linden
Life-coaching and counselling instruction to help you to address stressful life experiences
Every anxious symptom, thought and sensation explained simply and scientifically
All resources are published by Lifewise Publishing, Hay House Publishing, CL Media and Linden Tree Education under license.

Some client's explain how they recovered

What do YOU have to do?

It really is child's play! Kids of seven do it with ease!

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Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Enjoy Life

If you do as instructed, emotional balance will follow. Now just enjoy the life you deserve


When you join us, our focus is on your fast recovery.

All other therapies are management practices, set up to support you in suffering, not to produce relief

For over 20 years, our therapy has been creating recovery with 100% efficacy - if you do as instructed. It's just so simple but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do! Learn more

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Our mission

To wipe out all anxiety related conditions globally. We've already made a good start.

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attacks OCD PTSD agoraphobia Recovery The Linden Method

Our goals

To cure 2 million people before 2018 & make TLM the first choice therapy in healthcare.