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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder elimination made simple...

Your mind has the capacity to switch off the emotion of fear and also your PTSD FAST.

That very same resource that causes your PTSD and every symptom, sensation, thought and phobia that you might experience, is also the solution - but how do you access it?

The solution that will erase your PTSD is simple, practical and already within you.

The solution is a human 'given'... it's the way that every single human who has ever suffered with PTSD has recovered because that is just the way the human body works.

In our program, you will find the most simple, common sense PTSD recovery materials all backed up by 15 years history helping over 155,000 people like you to become PTSD free. The program structure is simple and the video guidance couldn't be easier to follow... children do it with ease, so we know you can too.


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Anxiety & PTSD Solution Guide

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What can we now do to help you to become PTSD free?

In The Linden Method for PTSD, you will find...

The most targeted, supportive, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder elimination resource in the world

Support - Seamless, constant and reassuring - When YOU need it

You will receive the most focused, qualified and experienced anxiety recovery guidance possible. Our Support Team have helped tens of thousands of anxiety sufferers just like you and you will be able to talk to them whenever you need reassurance, guidance and advice. Call them now on the numbers below to discover just what they will be able to do for YOU starting right now.

FOUR monthly instalments option available - Choose that option during the order process

The programs are available in Printed/CD/DVD or download formats. Call to specify your preference.


- includes the 'Cure Your PTSD' DVD filled with targeted recovery advice


You will also receive FREE and immediate access to your members area where you can...

  • Download all the Linden Method program materials
  • Immediately contact our Anxiety Recovery Specialists*
  • Watch more anxiety recovery and 'symptoms explained' videos
  • Use the Panic Attack Eliminator, a simple device to stop panic before it starts
  • Use Journey out of Agoraphobia - a simple program to walk out of agoraphobia
  • Download anxiety recovery relaxations to use on your phone, iPod or laptop

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*Our Specialists are all BACP & BPS affiliated counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists.

Call for more information or to order your Cure Your PTSD Linden Method Pack and support program

United Kingdom: 0844 704 8930

United States: 1-800-486-0458

Australia: 1-800-350538

Canada: 1-800-863-8090




Coronation Street's Kate Ford & Birds of a Feather's Linda Robson on The Linden Method

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