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Recovery Therapy - Reversal of all Anxiety Conditions

What we show you is the simple scientific process all ex anxiety sufferers have been through to reverse their disorders back to 'order'.
TLM is psycho-educational which means you will be given simple, practical structure that automatically removes your anxiety condition.
You will receive Evidence Based tools that talk directly to your 'fear control centre', switch off anxiety and protect you from ever suffering again.
TLM fits into NICE guidelines, the NHS' IAPT Stepped Care Model and your support team are qualified mental health professionals.
Unlike therapy and drugs, TLM gives you clear guidance with constant support - You will be led to recovery is a 'common sense' structure.
TLM is designed for people of all ages. Whether you are 7 or 97, the process is the same, as simple, as fast and produces lifelong results.
TLM was created in 1996 by ex-sufferers and psychologists working in practice - TLM is the only psycho-educational recovery therapy.

Statements of Facts - Our services & Products


Sometimes, clients come to us who suffer with other medical or psychological conditions. We provide services and resources for people who have been diagnosed with anxiety conditions but when appropriate we suggest that the client seek advice for other non-anxiety related conditions.

Whilst we endeavour to help every client, we cannot and will not tolerate abuse or bad language directed at us on any platform and reserve the right to ban and delete any content or profiles who bring negativity, doubt or aggression to our resources and programs.

There is a time and place for everything - if you have questions, concerns, doubts, skepticism or any other potentially negative angled comments, please do not effect other people by posting them openly. This might cause distress or mistrust and harm their recovery. Contact us directly at