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Globus Hystericus

That lump in your throat that causes so much distress and concern

I know how you feel because I have been there too.

For many years, probably over 15, I felt like I couldn't swallow, like my throat was restricted, like a band was around my neck and many other manifestations that I now know are caused by Globus Hystericus.

During my 25 years with anxiety disorders NO ONE ever explained what caused these throat issues and of course, like you probably, I wondered what was going on and how it would end.

We have helped over 200,000 people and I am yet to hear that any of those clients have received an accurate account of what Globus is and how it is caused, by any of their healthcare advisers.

I had X-Rays, scans, barium meals and cameras down my throat and up my nose... apart from all else, it cost me a fortune in money and years of pain and worry... needlessly.

All because the doctors and psychologists who advised me were under-trained and negligent.

Globus Hystericus isn't a 'condition', it's a symptom of underlying anxiety, it is harmless and so easily removed. When you know how.

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So what is Globus Hystericus

I'll go into greater detail in The Linden Method membership portal but suffice it to say now that Globus Hystericus is a natural and once necessary, element of the fight or flight fear response.

In our evolutionary past, humans developed this Globus response in order to stay safe but in modern humans its practical function is long unnecessary.

There are many examples of redundant human attributes, the appendix for example.

These things once had purpose but are now just a nuisance.

I know it feels dreadful and frightening but allow us to show you how to erase it and you'll soon see how quickly this nuisance symptom can be gone. Mine went in an hour... honestly... just one hour.

globus hystericus girl lump in throat

Is the lump in my throat REALLY Globus Hystericus?

Doctors are very adept at finding real problems.

I know what you are thinking... because I thought the same.

Media and the internet allows us to research and discover material that causes us to catastrophise and panic. In our powerful minds, lumps become tumours and everything is so threatening and disastrous.

Just please understand that in not one single case that we have helped has that lump turned up to be anything sinister. In every case, it has been nothing more than Globus... an anxiety disorder related symptom.

What other symptoms do Globus Hystericus sufferers experience?

It's easy to catastrophise about your condition isn't it! I did it too.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms that often accompany Globus Hystericus. You may experience some, many or all of them. If you do, that's great news because we can instantly help you to remove them and to switch off your Globus Hystericus fast.

Smothering sensations and shortness of breath
Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations
Chest Pain
Blanching (colour loss in the skin)
Excessive Perspiration (sweating)
Shaking or shivering (visibly or internally)
Pain or numbness in the head, face, arms, neck or shoulders
Rapid gastric emptying
Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhoea
Sexual Dysfunction
Symptoms of urinary tract infection
Increased need to urinate
Skin rashes
Weakness/tingling in arms, hands or feet
'Electric shock' feelings (anywhere in the body)
Dry mouth
Fears of going mad or losing control

Increased depression and suicidal feelings
Symptoms like 'flu'
Distorted vision
Disturbed hearing
Hormone problems
Headaches and feelings of having a 'tight band around head'
Sore eyes
'Creeping' or 'pins and needles' sensations in the skin
Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell
Dramatic increase in sexual feelings
Pain in the face or jaw (resembling toothache)
Derealisation and Depersonalisation
Panic Attacks
OCD - Obsessive thoughts and compulsions
Pure O - Inappropriate/strange thoughts

So what is the solution?

charles pure O expert
"The solution is very simple. You have to do what myself and thousands of other Globus sufferers we have helped have done to recover.

You see, Globus Hystericus cannot be present in the absence of anxiety. We remove anxiety disorders by activating the body's only way to recover.

Medication, talking therapy, tapping etc. cannot remove anxiety disorders any more than tickling your feet will cure a back ache... they are so unscientific and nonsensical. The only way to remove Globus is to turn off inappropriate fear responses in the brain. I did it and we have shown over 210,000 people how to do it too.

Charles Linden
Director LTE

Dr Romulo Vadez - Harvard medical centre says...

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