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How The Linden Method Changed My Life

Marc's Story

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Ex-Anxiety sufferer Marc Merris tells us his story.

"I have no idea why I became anxious, life was OK and I would have never thought that anxiety would have ever become such an issue for me. I stated feeling shaky and weak at first and as the sensations worsened, I restricted my life more and more. I started to experience periods when I felt horribly nauseous and had to lie flat on my back in order to prevent myself from actually vomiting.

As my health got worse, I spent more and more time in my room. My mum became increasingly concerned and as a result got quite angry about my behavior; it didn't help we just argued constantly which sent my anxiety levels higher and higher.Over about seven or eight months, I felt myself becoming much worse.

I rarely left my room at that point and lay flat on my back most of the time. I also kept the curtains closed in order to stop the sunlight from flooding in, my eyes where so sensitive. My anxiety levels escalated, I experienced full blown panic attacks regularly and felt sick, breathless and scared to death all day, every day.I knew I was dying! No one could tell me otherwise. I argued continually with my mum, my step-dad just ignored me and my friends stopped visiting me. My girlfriend of two years had stopped being supportive now, I was useless to her and we couldn't go out, socialize or even just watch TV together.

My mum managed to get a Psychologist to come and see me, but after about 6 weeks nothing had changed, except for my mum's bank balance. My doctor came out to visit once a week, he put me on Prozac and Valium but they just made me feel worse. I had lost about 40 Lbs by this time and looked like death!

Charles Linden is the brother of a friend of mine and purely by chance, my friend, who I hadn't seen for a long time, called by to see me. My mum told him that I wasn't seeing any visitors and briefly described the situation to him (much to my displeasure!) but what a god send. Dan called Charles and told him what had happened to me, Charles then called my mother to find out the details.The next morning a parcel arrived containing Charles' method pack. To be honest, I wasn't interested; I just didn't have it in me to concentrate, so my mum read it. Every time she gained a nugget of information from the pack, she came up to my room with suggestions which I dismissed every time. About a week passed before mum convinced me to look at the material, so, still lying on my back, I read the pack. I can't say strongly enough how the way Charles conveys the information is so powerful.Other self-help books that were bought for me and the doctors and psychologists I visited all lacked a skill that was so evident in Charles' material from the first page. I felt from the very start as if Charles was sitting next to me, holding my hand and staring into my eyes whilst saying " you will be better - let me show you how."

I have never felt such a strong feeling of total trust. As I started listening to Charles' CDs, his voice and the messages it conveyed reinforced what he said a thousand-fold.The next day, I decided that I would do as much as I possibly could to remove myself from my bedroom, I felt so panicky as I rose from my bed, my legs wobbled, I felt nauseous and cold. I remember standing in front of my wardrobe looking into the mirror and being shocked at how unwell I appeared.Mum walked into my room and saw me standing up, she started to cry and I hugged her and told her that I was going to be better from now on.Mum worked with me and following Charles' Method, I felt ready to challenge all of the thoughts that were making me so ill.To cut this story short, Mum took me for a walk the next day, the following week I went to the pub and within a month I was looking for work. I can't say how much I owe to Charles. I actually met him one day whilst on a training day. I told him that he had saved my life; I truly believe that he did! He asked me if I would write an article about my experiences for his website which is the absolute least I could do.If I could give any message to prospective Linden Method users it would be this;

This method is unlike anything I have ever come across before, it's like Charles took his brain, his knowledge, his compassion and his undoubted skill at conveying a sense of total trust and boxed it!

The level of understanding of anxiety reaches the very deepest depths of the mind and psyche and addresses the problem directly using the Nine Pillars which are inspirational but so, so simple to understand and follow. If anyone with anxiety, phobias or panic attacks doesn't give this a go, they simply don't want to get better. It's the best shot you will ever have.

Thank you so much Charles."

Marc Merris

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