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Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth featuring Charles Linden - Channel 4

To be broadcast 31st of January, Channel4 8pm, Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth is a three-part series for Channel 4 where Gok draws on his personal experience to help give teenagers the advice, confidence and self belief they need to tackle their issues and anxieties. In this episode, Charles helps 15 year old Kyle to overcome his anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia using The Linden Method Programme. Gok's Teens is an opportunity for Britain's teenagers to talk frankly - amongst themselves and with adults - about their issues and bodies.

This video will prove to you that your anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and low mood aren't what you think, or have been told, they are

Stress Less with Charles Linden - TV Series

This unique TV series is broken down into 5 programs containing 30 insightful segments across a variety of practical ways to address, undermine and eliminate the causes of stress and anxiety in modern life. The series was created from Charles' Times Newspaper acclaimed and Amazon ‘position 1’ book Stress Free in 30 Days program.

The series provides sufferers with a simple, structured, light-hearted but informative insight into the techniques which have helped Charles' clients to remove stressors from their lives and become more focused and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives."Charles' series is informative and interesting, cutting through the crap of life to provide simple to use, structured and ‘fast acting’ solutions to every identifiable aspect of stress and related problems that sufferers encounter. Some of it is so obvious but it takes Charles in his brilliant presenting style to provide the ‘kick up the ass’ needed to instigate a recovery. In 2 days I learnt more about myself watching this series than I had in 40 years of life."

Martia Yankin"It's like watching Jack Bauer in 24 once you start watching, you can't stop. I watched all 5 episodes in one go and the next day, watched it again. The advice is simple and Charles' delivery is cool and calming."

Two excerpts from the series below.
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