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Jodie & Jemma Kidd on Lorraine

"Both sisters had times when they thought they were going mad, but have conquered their fears after being treated by fellow sufferer turned anxiety expert Charles Linden. ‘There’s this misconception that anxiety is associated with mental illness and that it is a sign of weakness and lack of control. It’s none of those things, and that is why I want to tell my story,’ says Jemma, ‘so that we can lessen the taboo." Daily Mail 
Jemma and Jodie used The Linden Method to overcome their anxiety and panic attacks. Jemma also referred Vogue USA Fashion Editor and four times best selling novelist, Plum Sykes to The Linden Method following her own success with the program, who also subsequently recovered. Jemma also attended The Anxiety Recovery Retreat after her recovery in order to learn more about TLM and to cement her recovery.

Anyone with anxiety that was in Manchester Arena gets FREE Linden Method Membership

Contact us attaching a photo or scan of your ticket booking confirmation and we will arrange for you to have full access to all the materials for life.

We are dedicated to both supporting the eradication of acts of terror and supporting those affected by them.

NEW for 2017

Child & Parent Anxiety Recovery Workshops
Miranda is a director of The Childhood Recovery Workshops and recorded this message to inspire all parents to find out more.

The Workshops are at the wonderful West Midlands Safari Park Academy, a brand new facility for learning on the park overlooking the Hippo lake and Giraffes!

The events are for young people from 7 to 17 years of age and a parent.

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Can changing your thoughts erase anxiety?

How will YOU benefit?

  • gain fast emotional balance

    Producing recovery isn't 'hit or miss' - When you have the correct people providing the correct guidance, it's like eating to cure hunger

  • recover & create fulfillment

    No need to stop working, stop medication or vastly change what you do or where you go - Our programs fit into all lifestyles seamlessly

  • recovery wherever anxious people are

    No appointments necessary. No waiting list. People don't need counselling or medication, they need an effective solution & support wherever they are

How certain am I that you can recover?

This is a story you (probably) won't have heard before

Charles Linden

Please read this page thoroughly....

My name is Charles Linden, I am director of Linden Tree Education and I was once YOU.

Since 1997, I have helped well over 1/4 million people to recover from anxiety conditions. I won't bore you with my story and experiences but take it from me at this point and then read on... I KNOW 100% how to remove your disorder fully, quickly and with lifelong results.

I'm not an online charlatan... I am head of a respected mental health organization and accredited health education organization - but unlike most, one that actually creates true recovery and I want to help you to achieve just that.

With the hindsight of 22 years suffering and 20 years helping hundreds of thousands of people to recover, being here with me today tells me that you ready to do what it takes to find real, lifelong freedom from your anxiety disorder.

This  is for all people, of any age, who are in any way affected by emotional imbalance...

- For anyone with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, phobias, obsessions, compulsions or depression.

- For anyone with health anxiety, emetophobia, self-harming, eating disorders, derealisation, depersonalisation or stress disorder.

- For anyone who can’t sleep, work, exercise or live a normal life due to emotional imbalance.

- For those people who feel physically and mentally depleted because they can’t find a way out of what they are experiencing.

For you!

BUT… This is not for people who are happy taking medication, happy talking about how they feel, happy being the way they are… or for those who don’t want to be calm, happy, confident and excited about life.

What will you get?

What you will learn from me today will probably fly in the face of what you have been told before, but bare with me because I will explain simply but clearly why what I tell you will dramatically affect how you feel and ultimately return you to full and lifelong calm and
happiness. It’s so simple and scientific.

I am going to share with you the four most important and influential facts about anxiety, stress and all associated conditions, thoughts and symptoms. The same facts that changed everything for me in 1997 and led to my fast recovery.

I will tell you what you can do right away in order to wake up tomorrow feeling entirely different to how you felt this morning.


I was you once. I have woken up feeling the same way as you do each day. I know how it is to navigate life on red alert. I really know about obsessive thoughts, phobias, panic attacks, low mood, eating disorders and OCD.

Then, after 22 years of… well hell really… I woke up and it had all gone.

I know you might be thinking that it’s impossible, exaggerated or even just a massive lie, but I promise you that despite what you might have been told, what I will show you will transform your life and change everything fast.

Your disorder costs you dearly in many ways such as reduced social engagement, affected relationships, your career, your fitness levels, your ability to maximise your potential… and it wastes your time and your natural abilities.

Do you wake each day confused and frustrated, focusing on how you feel and how you can survive another day of fear and phobias. Do you feel overwhelmed and sick of feeling the way you do and finding no one who can either reduce your symptoms or even give you hope of a solution?

Like I said… I was you once!

I’ve spent every day since 1997 supporting and guiding anxious people, answering over 200 emails a day, in our residential program sessions, working for corporate, media and sports organisations and I am passionate about my work, even though it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming.

I assure you that what I tell you will transform you, your life, your home and work environment. It will mean you can stop taking medication. You can wake up feeling excited and confident. You can go about your life without ever considering all of the focuses, fears, phobias and obsessions you do now.

I went from a housebound agoraphobic with panic disorder, OCD, health anxiety, agoraphobia and eating disorder… to completely the opposite… in days.

I’ll show you exactly what to do.

Nothing I tell you will mean extra stress, extra work, increasing your anxiety or exposing you to anything that will, in any way, make you feel worse… it will only make you feel better.

The start

My suffering took hold age 4 when I … 

I was a physical and mental mess. My OCD, phobias and panic ruined my childhood and most of my early twenties. I didn't enjoy a single day of my life and even when pleasure was right next to me... I didn't feel it. When I kissed my girlfriends, I felt removed. When I played sport, I felt unsatisfied. Everything I experienced was subdued... except the anxiety itself... that was intense and endless.

My OCD was a vile, constant thorn in my side. My HOCD and contamination issues made me feel alone, crazy and so low.

This lasted from 4 years of age till I was 26. It was purgatory punctuated by medication, psychiatry, psychology and any other useless process the NHS and private healthcare could profit from. But NOTHING worked.

If someone had said to the 26 year old anxious me that one day I’d be married, have children, have over 12,000 people using my anxiety recovery program, be running residential programs of recovery, be a TV presenter, educator and author… honestly, I’d have been offended and angry that they were teasing me or being unkind to a seriously ill man… now I know that none of that was true.

After 22 years of suffering, heavy duty medication, psychiatry and psychology… hundreds of false promises, tens of thousands in fees and many years of exhaustion and sadness, I recovered. The turning point was sudden and unexpected but why it happened, how it happened and how to improve and replicate it was immediately obvious.

I then started telling people my story and showing them how to use the process I discovered… the process that has become an accredited therapy, the process that I’ve shown to over ¼ million clients.

Since 1997, we have perfected the delivery method to make it easy to understand, easy to do and so quickly effective and we have created a group of options dependent on how you learn and your specific needs and wants.

Our recovery portal is mobile enabled to carry around with you on any portable device or to use on your computer. Our day workshops and residential retreats immerse you in the recovery process… the recovery success of all of the formats is the same in every case… so the choice is yours.


The chronically anxious child and young man I once was is now pitched as the world’s leading authority on anxiety recovery… I’m not comfortable with the title in truth because I think it makes an assumption for which I can show little proof, but I think what it highlights is
that I am no longer anxious and restricted and that the thousands of testimonials, the celebrity, medical and psychological endorsements and the organisations history is unique… truly unique… you won’t find anything vaguely similar elsewhere. Please feel free to research that claim though.

Am I an expert or an authority? I consider myself to be an expert because I am 49 and for 45 of those years I have either suffered or spent every waking moment researching, teaching or talking about the disorders, about mental health, about recovery and about developing an ever increasing raft of life-changing tools.

Am I more of an expert than a psychologist or psychiatrist? I don’t have their certificates but I certainly have a greater understanding of the conditions and how to recover than they clearly do… if I hadn’t, they would be curing more people than us… and they just don’t. Ask the
psychologists and psychotherapists who work for me… they gave up on their learned practices a long time ago.


Life is about legacy… what do I mean by that?

I don’t know the names of my great-grand parents, I probably couldn’t even find out now… they probably did good things, lived successful lives and people loved them… but they have no known legacy. My legacy will be one of having helped many people to have better lives.

Yes I need to earn a living, we all do, but believe me, there are far easier ways to lead your life than the path I have chosen… my job is hard work, carries a huge responsibility to thousands of clients and also carries with it the weight of many staff, venues, costs and
pressures… but I adore what I do, so does my wife Beth who runs our residential program… without that passion for recovery, we wouldn’t be helping thousands… the 4 year old’s with anxiety and school phobia, the self-harming teens, the anorexic girls and boys, the OCD sufferers… my legacy and passion lies in helping them to do what I did for myself. Making it happen.

I do it all because it defines me through suffering, recovery and paying it forward.

NONE OF US are defined by what we do… only by why we do it!
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Enjoy Life

If you do as instructed, emotional balance will follow. Now just enjoy the life you deserve


Linda Robson

Linda brought her son to us after years of failed therapy at the country's top clinics. Louis was suffering from anxiety, panic, OCD and agoraphobia. After just days, Louis was functioning fully again. Here Linda tells the story - thank you Linda.


Kyle was presented to us as a 15 year old with anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessions by Gok Wan during the production of his Gok's Teens TV series. In days, Kyle was back to his normal self after years of suffering and failed treatments.

2 more great success stories!

Two great success stories that have since been televised.

Actress Linda Robson talks about her son's recovery using our program and 15 year old Kyle talks about how we turned his life around during the TV program 'Gok's Teens' after years of suffering from anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and obsessive thoughts.

View more client stories

In the next 10 minutes...

...I will be telling you exactly what to do to remove your anxiety and replace it with normal emotional responses using the simple, scientific solution that all recovered sufferers used.

I'm going to teach you to reset your emotions back from fear, obsession, panic and phobia to complete calm.

My webinar, which you will see on entering the Recovery Portal, will give you specific instructions on how to stop your condition naturally, easily and fast.

I was you once. I suffered for 22 years and in 1997 I recovered. Since then I have shown over 250,000 people how to recover and it's so simple.

We have over 11,000 active clients and myself and my team run corporate and residential recovery programs - In those sessions I tell clients exactly how to recover and the results are just so wonderful. YOU will love what you learn. I know that because in 20 years, I have never seen anyone leave unhappy, but I have seen thousands of people crying with relief. See them on our testimonials pages

You will soon understand why all else failed. You will understand why medication doesn't remove the disorders. You will understand why talking therapies fail. You will fully understand every thought, phobia, compulsion and symptom.

If you suffer from panic, anxiety, agoraphobia, monophobia, OCD, Pure O, health anxiety, PTSD, depression, grief, eating disorders, self-harm or any other related condition... you will 100% KNOW how to recover, that I absolutely promise you.

Does it seem too good to be true? In the absence of proof it would seem that way but just look at the 1000's of people on this website who were just like you once and now enjoy full, happy lives free from their disorders.

The reason myself and my team are called in to get people back on stage, the international games field, on set or into their workplace is that we have a 20 year reputation for being the best in mental health. Where others teach 'coping', we teach recovery.
How to recover fast
My anxiety recovery seminar for you to watch in the next few minutes.

Like I said, because I suffered day and night for 22 years, I KNOW YOU, from the inside out but I also know how I flipped my life around in two days and I want to teach you that right now so that you don't waste another day on this influential but pointless condition.

I will teach you to TAKE CONTROL OF your emotional responses

No matter how terrified, phobic, obsessive or low you feel right now, you will be shown how to take back immediate, total control of your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body and give clear, simple instructions to your mind that you are in charge and in control.

The Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Obsessions,
Health Anxiety, Eating Disorders &
Depression Recovery Programs

For all conditions of the emotions

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience

Recovery Programs
Age 7 upward

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Recovery Workshops
Age 17 upward

One day recovery workshops in house or at your place of work/study. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Ongoing unlimited qualified support included.

Residential Recovery
Age 17 upward

Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People
Ages 4 - 17

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.

at West Midland Safari Park
For 7-17 year olds

Miranda Hart on our Childhood Recovery Events
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at The Elms Retreat & Spa
For 18 years plus

Linda Robson on our Anxiety Recovery Retreats
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Become a recovery practitioner!

When you have recovered, you can gain an internationally recognised practitioner qualification as an Anxiety Recovery Professional. Join us to help others to recover as we helped you.