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IT & Web development

Working in e-commerce, online publishing, SEO & social media
Location: Working in our Worcestershire Centre.
Skills required:

All round knowledge of web design and web development, SEO and e-commerce. HTML, PHP. Implementation of payment systems using Stripe and Paypal for example. Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
For more information, please contact Becky Davenport on 01562 742004 or email us HERE

LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioners

Become an accredited, professional Anxiety Recovery Practitioner
Are you a recovered client? Do you work where anxious people are? Do you want to help others to recover quickly?
You do not need to be an ex sufferer or an ex client to do this accreditation.
It can be used as CPD.
It is a professional level accreditation, enabling you to practice as a professional.

You will receive an NCFE Level 4 professional accreditation as a licensed LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioner.

You will be able to use your LAR accreditation wherever you are in the world and in any setting, to help other sufferers to find recovery regardless of age, time suffered or severity.

LAR is a psycho-educational Therapy with support.
For more information, please contact Beth Linden on 01562 742004 or email her at