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NCFE Accredited Educational Centre - *NICE CG113 - **MBACP Support - 20 Years Practice - Over 200,000 helped
*National Institute for Clinical Excellence - **British Association of Chartered Psychotherapists


A recovery treatment that makes total sense to all anxiety disorder sufferers

Do you want your anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD or obsessive thoughts to STOP... naturally and effortlessly?

Despite how you feel at this moment, you will be relieved to learn just how close
you already are to switching off your anxiety disorder
. We have taught over
200,000 people how anxiety disorder can be deactivated fast and simply.


Includes our mobile-enabled recovery and support portal with anxiety & panic busting quick-fix mobile apps

Money Back Guarantee

Simple - If you don't feel you have benefited, you get your fee back!

It's just so simple...
NO 'face your fear' tactics - NO CBT - NO hypnosis - NO mumbo jumbo - NO extra effort
Just simple, logical and easy-to-do anxiety deactivation for people of all ages

*Support provided by qualified anxiety disorder recovery therapists. MBACP/LAR/BPS


Hollie Aged 15 on her recovery   Actress Linda Robson on her son's recovery
Jemma Kidd on her recovery - The Lorraine Show   Clients speak about their recoveries
Linden Tree Director, Charles Linden   Kyle's recovery on Gok Wan's TV series
Footage filmed independently by Linden Tree Education


Why TLM?  


The SIX 'most asked' questions about TLM answered...


  1. How long does it take to work? It works immediately.

    The emotion of fear is deactivated immediately on receiving the correct 'off' command; the question isn't 'how long will it take to work?', but 'how long will it take you to watch the video instructions and start doing as instructed? As the mind only contains one process that deactivates emotions, it's a case of telling it to do so. Failure is as impossible as eating failing to cure hunger! Just try it.

  2. Is it easy to do? If kids of seven years can do it... we know you can!

    The immediate pay-off is a sense of excitement as you feel the anxiety retreating. Children of seven years of age do it without even knowing they are... so you can do it with ease!

  3. Does it cause more anxiety? Do we have to 'face our fears'? Good lord NO.

    In fact that kind of cognitive therapy practice is hugely counter-productive. What you will do will remove fear from day one... not add to it!

  4. Will taking medication effect recovery? No, not at all.

    When your anxiety has gone, the medication will be completely redundant so you can then just stop taking it. (Talk to your doctor about doing so).

  5. Why does it cost money?

    Because the resources you receive and the qualified support are 'second to none'... you'll know that when you access it. Nothing comes close to the level of relief and support you will experience. Our team are qualified mental health professionals and they are yours on an unlimited basis from day one.

  6. Can it fail? Here's the real clincher... your brain is preset to turn off anxiety (and all emotions)

    The biological response to this programme is the same as eating to cure hunger or drinking to cure thirst; the process is preset in your mind and body. Simply following the instructions switches off your anxiety disorder. This is not our science, it's human biology. This is why our success rate is so high... you'll see this when you join TLM.

  7. What do I have to do? Here's the real magic of all this.

  8. Your body is already pre-programmed to be anxiety free. You watch two short videos and listen to an audio and then you do as instructed... it's simple, it cannot make you feel 'worse', it requires very little effort, BUT, it speaks directly to your 'anxiety control centre' in the brain and it tells it to switch off. It's natural and it's common sense. This is how ALL recovered anxiety sufferers got their lives back and erased every thought, symptom, sensation, phobia and obsession. You will love it!


Charles' inspirational 'off the cuff' video for all sufferers.

Charles records these videos 'from the heart' in order to demonstrate to sufferers just how simple, scientific and proven TLM is. Call one of the team today if you have questions about how it works, why it works, the organisation, Linden Tree Education, LAR Therapy or TLM and what we do within mental healthcare.



Why is TLM different?

TLM is substantially different. Here are just a few reasons why...

  1. Reason 1 is simple - The process it teaches deactivates anxiety responses

  2. 20 years practice - Resources accessed by over 22 million anxiety sufferers

  3. Over 200,000 people have used our programs

  4. Tens of thousands of reviews and testimonials by clients, doctors, psychologists and celebrities

  5. It is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy

  6. It is the least expensive mental healthcare / therapy in the world

  7. Home learning, workshop, online portal and residential programs

  8. UNLIMITED therapy sessions and support included in with all programs (No extra fees)

  9. Printed and online portal delivered resources to carry with you wherever you are

  10. Support provided by ex sufferers qualified as anxiety recovery practitioners (LAR - MBACP)

  11. NCFE accredited educational facility - NICE CG113 compliant services

  12. Money back guarantee

  13. There are more... just call and ask - 0800 069 9898


No other organisation/treatment comes close in terms of support provision, efficacy, reputation or resources. Our support provision is constant and unlimited, requires no session booking and is by qualified specialists.

This is nothing like anything you have tried before.

It is NOT CBT, counselling, hypnosis or hocus-pocus... it's unique, common sense and scientific.




"As clients start the program it becomes immediately apparent to them why all
else had failed them. This is so logical, so enjoyable and the 'emotional payback'
is pretty much immediate. People sometimes 'fear' starting, but when they do,
they can't believe how different they feel"
Beth Linden. Director.


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We will support your recovery at all times

Recovery is a human preset, making it happen just
requires a little time and instruction. It's so simple.

Anxiety is a condition... fear is an emotion. Anxiety can be removed in the same way as indigestion can be removed. We show you how to instruct your brain to switch off anxiety and return to normal fear responses. This isn't 'rocket science' it's simple 'school level' science.


Mobile enabled recovery and support portal with anxiety & panic busting 'quick fix' apps


Immediate access to our mobile enabled recovery & support portal

BRAND NEW - Mobile Enabled Access to Support and Resources Wherever You Are

Our mobile resource will help you stop panic, anxiety, phobias and obsessions 'on the go'. You can access all the resources and support on any desktop or mobile device and receive immediate anxiety and panic busting advice and tools. There's truly nothing else like it. Two years in development and now it's ready for you.
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You will also receive access to all of our anxiety and panic 'first aid' tools, our webinars, audios, recovery videos... in fact, everything you will need to feel supported and reassured and to lead you to a full and simple recovery.

panic attacks and anxiety recovery linden method
panic attacks recovery linden method
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the linden method

The Linden Method - Book/DVD& CDs with Unlimited Support Product ISBN-13: 978-0954980306

Our programmes
conform to


CG 113

Our support team are all members of the BACP




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  Jemma Kidd
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  Kate Ford
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"Pharmaceuticals is a multi million pound industry which traps people, Charles method is the true solution. The linden method is the best way xxx As it's anxiety awareness week thought of share with you @CharlesLinden and his method who's helped my family and friends over come theirs." Quote from   "We suffered from crippling severe anxiety and panic attacks and the associated symptoms and probably half my friends did too, Jodie and I both used The Linden Method having found Charles Linden's website on the internet." "The program was the answer we had been looking for. Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use the Linden Method, it really helped us be panic and anxiety attacks free. I want to help other sufferers to recover and to send the message out that anxiety conditions are curable, despite what some may say."


Jemma Kidd is a celebrity makeup artist and married to the Duke of Wellington's grandson, making her Lady Jemma Mornington. Jodie is an international supermodel and rally driver (yes, she's an amazing rally driver!)

Quote from The Daily Mail YOU magazine



I have been suffering with nerves for years. It's a fear of embarassing myself if I'm in the company of strangers when but Once you've broken the cycle of panic you are okay. The Linden Method really works for me."

Posted on - Kate is an actress on the UKs longest running Soap Opera Coronation Street.



"I started The Linden Method... and felt better almost immediately.

I took the girls to the park and pushed them on the swings, something I hadn't been able to do for two years... now more than a year later, the anxiety has not returned." LINK



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