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I'll tell you what no one else has...

I'll tell you EXACTLY how to remove YOUR specific anxiety disorder fast

I was YOU once. 

I know on a physical and psychological level, exactly how you feel but believe me... I will tell you how to quickly and simply STOP your anxiety disorder in its tracks.

From age 4 till I was 27 I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, panic, OCD, health anxiety, fear of dying, emetophobia, agoraphobia, monophobia, eating disorders and a myriad of phobic, obsessive and morbid thoughts as well as dozens of symptoms all over my body. I tool Valium, Seroxat, Prozac, many old-school antidepressants, Zispin and many more... I had CBT, NLP, hypnosis, psychiatry sessions, group sessions... in fact, you name it... I had it. 

You and I both know that those things haven't cured you and they didn't cure me. BUT... you can be cured. That I assure you.

I'll show you how I changed my life... and how I can help change yours.

I am now director of Linden Tree Education and Anxiety Recovery Retreats. Since 1997, we have helped over 200,000 people and our organisation provides the only anxiety recovery therapy that PROVES 100% effectiveness.

We train practitioners as Recovery Therapists and we run the world famous Anxiety Recovery Retreats visited by people from, literally, all over the world. We are a team of psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and Anxiety Recovery practitioners.

Let me tell you now that if you still suffer from an anxiety related condition, it's because of the incompetence of your medical advisers and not because recovery is impossible or because you have to learn to live with your disorder... it's because no one has yet told you the scientific truth about recovery or how to do it. This is why our recovery rates are at least 95% higher than any other therapy, practice or treatment.

So how can we help you with your disorder?

Below you'll find my 'off the cuff', layman's explanations alongside each of the common anxiety disorder names...

...LOOK... please ignore the names, the symptoms and thoughts for the next ten minutes and read this list with an open mind and the deep belief that since 1996 my chronic anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, PureO, derealization, depersonalization, health anxiety, school phobia, eating disorder etc. STOPPED COMPLETELY in less than three days... and NEVER came back. Why? Because removing them is simple, scientific and natural. IF you know how.

The list below contained some of the most common symptoms experienced... just bare in mind that TLM works for ANY emotional imbalance or any related condition... IBS, vertigo, ME... just try it and you'll see clearly why and how it works and why we adore the work we do. 

The only people who fail are those who don't DO as instructed... it can't fail... like eating to cure hunger, this is THE solution... and you'll love it.

For free information, reassurance or advice from our team about any other physical or psychological experiences, symptoms or sensations you may be having, please CONTACT US

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What  you learn within TLM will make 100% sense to you - You will be immediately aware of why you still suffer and why nothing you have tried so far has worked!

I will not 'fob you off' and insult your intelligence with 'paper bag techniques' or explanations of flight or fight and adrenalin release.

I will not try to con you with false science about exposure therapy, changing your thoughts or dissecting your past.

I won't tell you what you have been told before.

I will tell you EXACTLY what causes every symptom and how to switch ALL of the following anxiety issues OFF in one simple move! I'll show you what every university psycho-physiologist knows, in simple-to-use terms.

ALSO - Remember that you get unlimited support, reassurance and guidance from our qualified recovery practitioners who are all both ex sufferers and also qualified psychologists and psychotherapists. They are amazing.

* The solution is to make it so that, on waking, your fear levels are 'normal' and that your mind keeps them that way.

Scroll down to learn how to do just that...

You'll learn EXACTLY what causes GAD and what to do to immediately and simply switch off your GAD at its source

GAD is not about fear, vulnerability or frailty...

I had GAD and it's bloody awful. That constant sense of impending doom, feeling like you are drowning in life... I had it from around 2 years of age till I was 27. I know how it feels believe me. I went through school, scout camps, sports matches... everything in fact, believing I was about to be killed or die. GAD is not an anxiety disorder, anxiety IS a disorder... GAD is a fear disorder... it's a disorder that develops, not through trauma or frailty but through a genetic flaw in the way you (and I once) process signals from our senses... BUT, I can assure you 100% that you have the ability to STOP that process and reverse anxiety back to normal fear responses... and you will 100% NOT do this through medication or talking therapy, hypnosis or anything weird and wonderful like tapping, NLP or alternative therapies... your mind and body will switch of GAD instantly when you DO what they are waiting for... how do I know? Because I have personally CURED tens of thousands of people using this exact same process... and it conforms to all known neurological science.

You'll receive specific instruction on how to erase the symptoms and thoughts and to erase PTSD from your responses

PTSD isn't about the 'trauma' it's about the true reason you suffer...

If you have been told that your PTSD was caused by a traumatic event... the person who told you this is WRONG. The CAUSE of your disorder is your ability to suffer... the traumatic event was the CATALYST for your disorder. You cannot 'cure' your disorder by addressing the event, in fact, addressing the event with, for example, talking therapies, is MASSIVELY counter-productive. I have helped tens of thousands of people with PTSD to recover. If you have had talking therapies or medication for PTSD, are you cured? No, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Why aren't you PTSD free? Because the treatments you have received have perpetuated your suffering... even if they have been reassuring, they haven't removed your disorder. PTSD is activated when your mind no longer handles sensory data effectively after a traumatic event has activated it... but this is so simple to 'fix'... you just haven't done it yet. Your brain wants to be calm and happy... it's trying to get back to normality but it is being prevented from doing so by therapy and behaviours that reinforce and promote anxiety and not recovery... a vicious circle... one we can help you to break FAST.

I'll tell you exactly how I erased my Health Anxiety and explain the simple process that will stop your obsessive focus on your health completely

Health anxiety isn't worrying about health... it's just about worrying...

Like you and all sufferers, because I felt frightened and vulnerable, I believe that I was SCARED... but you're not scared, your anxious... fear can only be real when there's something to be scared of. OK, we all know we have a potential to get ill but it shouldn't be a constant high level concern. You have health anxiety because you have anxiety, not because you have a legitimate reason to worry about your health right now. A new mole, a lump, a bead of sweat, a shiver... would activate panic in me... I was constantly focused on my 'self' and every square millimetre of my body... health anxiety dominated my life. Now it takes my wife and kid shouting at me to go to the doctors... I am almost negligent in my lack of focus on my health... why? because I cured my anxiety disorder and you will too... IF you do as I say in TLM. The reason you suffer is because no one you have consulted understands the condition or how to remove it. Their ignorance is keeping you anxious. You can wake up health anxiety free within just one or two days BUT you have to DO what your brain and body are waiting for and you won't do that through meditation, medication, talking therapy etc. It happens in a specific way in every human... we will show you how.

I'll tell you how to totally erase your focus on being sick and how to quickly not care, or think about it again

Emetophobia isn't fear of being sick... it's about anxiety... your focus on being sick is a side effect of that...

Trust me, I had emetophobia for 25 years... I know how it feels but I also know that despite how overwhelming it is to constantly fear vomiting or being around sick people, kids etc. it isn't about the sick. When I recovered and was actually sick, it was a relief. During the 25 years `i suffered I wasn't sick but within two weeks of recovering from my anxiety disorders, I was... can you believe that???? It was a walk in the park. Why? Because I was anxiety free. I realised at that point that when you remove the anxiety disorder, the emetophobia disappears with it. I have never had a case since 1997 that hasn't recovered fully from their emetophobia using our programme. The instruction you will receive is EXACTLY what I did to recover from emetophobia, panic, OCD, eating disorders, health anxiety etc. in 1997 and sin e then I have never seen it fail to remove a disorder.

From 8-10 panic attacks a day to nothing. I will tell you how I did it and show you how to simply and scientifically stop yours today

Panic attacks - has anyone ever told you what they are?

Everyone knows about flight or fight, about adrenalin, the symptoms etc. but has ANYONE ever told you what panic attacks are? What I mean is... why do they happen? That question cannot be answered by listing symptoms and associated hormone release.

In 27 years of suffering and 20 plus years helping people to recover, NOT ONE health professional has told a sufferer what a panic attack is... why it happens and what it's for. It's not 'illness'... it's not like a heart attack for example... it's nota sign that you are 'ill'... inside TLM I will tell you EXACTLY why they happen and also why they are your friend but I will also tell you how to stop them immediately. I'll also tell you how to remove your anxiety disorder and return to normal fear responses.

I calculated today that I had a minimum of 4,000 panic attacks between 1974 and 1997... I bet it could be double that actually but I can't be more accurate in my assessment. I know what they are, why they happen and how to stop them and I will give you specific instruction within TLM.

That overwhelming sense of doom, the heart symptoms, the breathing, the tightness, dizziness, sweating, shaking... it's all 'normal' but believe me, I felt anything BUT normal when it was happening. I was you once and am now the non-anxious you... stick with me.

In TLM I will give you the Panic Attack Eliminator which switches off panic attacks centrally and I will give you simple instruction on how to recover fully and never suffer again.

I had DP & DR for 24 years. I will explain what they are, why they happen and exactly how to deactivate them

Depersonalization and derealization are NOT separate conditions....

DP and DR are features of an anxiety condition... their purpose within the fear response is natural, normal and expected. Anyone who tells you that they are, in themselves, a disorder, is a fool. I had them both in varying degrees for over 25 years... I know them both intimately. I also know that when you recover from your anxiety disorder, they will disappear completely and permanently. Just because you don't always feel anxious doesn't mean you don't have a disorder. DP and DR can exist alongside relatively low level or even undetectable anxiety. I will show you exactly why they happen and will describe in detail, how to erase them fully. They drove me to distraction for years... they caused such heartache and frustration and `NO ONE could ever tell me why they happen or what causes them... to this day, in over 200,000 clients, not even one single psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or doctor has ever been able to tell any of our clients what causes them and why they happen let alone how to cure them. Disgraceful.

My agoraphobia and monophobia plagued me from age 4 to 26. I'll show you why they happen and how to remove them completely

Agoraphobia and monophobia dominated my life once...

DON'T allow it to dominate your life too. The truth is that if you can recover fast and simply without any further loss of time and it doesn't cause any more anxiety and it gives you fast relief, why wouldn't you listen?

I had agoraphobia and monophobia for over 25 years. I cried myself to sleep on sleepovers, I had panic attacks on the rugby minibus, I had OCD, health anxiety and panic attacks at school... I know what it feels like to experience that sense of isolation and terror. I also know how to recover. I know what you need today to feel far better tomorrow... in TLM I will give you specific guidance on how to erase your phobia fully and effectively.

I wish I could get what I now know to every child sufferer. I have helped tens of thousands of kids to recover from all anxiety conditions. What I show you will make so much sense and will erase childhood anxiety fast

I was a child with anxiety, school phobia, OCD, panic attacks, health anxiety... and the list goes on.

Childhood anxiety disorders are my deepest hate... they are cruel, unnecessary and the kids get inappropriately treated by inappropriate and unnecessary medication and psychology that often exacerbates the problem and destroys their enjoyment of life. It makes me sick. The way anxious children are treated by the NHS is horrendous... psychologists who make them focus on and do the most horrendously counter-productive and inappropriate acts... one child we helped had been made to believe she had been sexually abused, another physically abused... none of it was true. The ignorance is shocking. In 20 years, we have never heard a story of recovery through talking therapies or medication... all we have heard repeatedly, thousands of times, is that young lives have been overwhelmed by and often ruined by inappropriate treatments. We create recovery.

I was that anxious child once and now that I know how to recover, it destroys me that so many kids suffer. That's why I created TLM, to prevent that from happening to as many kids as we can possibly reach.

Our junior programme gives you direct support from our qualified recovery specialists so that both you and your child receive exactly what you both need in order to create fast and permanent recovery.

I promise you that when you hear the truth about OCD, you'll wonder why you had been misled for so long. I cured my OCD after 23 years and I'll tell you exactly how to cure yours

OCD - the misunderstood, mistreated and unnecessary manifestation of anxiety...

ANYONE who tells you that OCD causes anxiety... anyone who tells you that OCD is related to depression... anyone who tells you that OCD cannot be cured... anyone who tells you that you need CBT, talking therapy and medication... is a fool. It's so ridiculous and counter-science to state such nonsense.

I had OCD for over 23 years... chronic, mind bending, compulsion creating, overwhelming OCD... thoughts, compulsions/rituals, symptoms... it was out of control and centred on everything to disease, contamination and health to sexuality, religion and aggressive acts... I was in a terrible state... then, in two days, it was gone. Since then I have helped tens of thousands to do the same. Too good to be true? No, just science.

Like I said... you and I have been lied to. If you have OCD and have had a treatment and aren't cured, it's because the person administering that treatment has no idea what they are doing.

You DON'T need to suffer. You don't need medication and talking therapy will probably make you worse or, at best, hold you where you are.

In TLM I will tell you EXACTLY what OCD really is, why you have it and how to remove it in days... no medication, no talking therapy, no exposure therapy, no CBT... no nonsense.

These conditions caused me so much distress but I promise you that I'll tell you what they are and why they happen. You'll be instantly reassured... and then I'll show you how to remove them fast

HOCD, ROCD, POCD etc. are all symptoms not conditions.

I know because I had them too. Now I know how they are formed in the mind and why people develop them, it makes the years I suffered from them seem like a lot of wasted life... wasted time but the experience was invaluable. It has what has led us to create the only accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy and to change thousands of lives... including yours.

If you experience inappropriate anxious thoughts of any kind, it is NOT because you are mentally ill, it's because you have inappropriate levels of the emotion of fear and one of the manifestations of fear is 'what if' thoughts. These thoughts are risk assessments and in anxiety, they always 'go to' the worst case scenario.

This is exactly what causes HOCD, ROCD, POCD etc.

They will all completely disappear when you remove the underlying anxiety... we will show you exactly how to do just that quickly using the most common sense, simple and scientific process.

I know that when you understand what we show you, you will be shocked at how sensible it is.

I will tell you exactly why you think this way and how to switch off those thoughts and never focus on them again like I did over 20 years ago

Fear of dying is so overwhelming and invasive...

I had fear of dying for 27 years... it dominated every waking moment and caused my anxiety to hit the roof. It was the fuel for my OCD, panic attacks and phobias... it prevented me performing at school, enjoying parties and sleep-overs, excelling in sports or enjoying anything I ever did... till I recovered.

In 1997 I recovered completely.

I am hugely resentful of the people that kept me anxious and physically frail... the doctors and psychologists, immunologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists who I now know, know nothing of the true nature of anxiety disorders or how to treat people.

I work with those 'ists' now and they endorse what we do fully because what we do works.

Like me, you will be free of fear of dying, anxiety and inappropriate fear responses... because, like me, you will get the true solution handed to you BY me. NO ONE should spend their days focusing on their mortality. No one should be fearful and phobic, obsessive and unhappy due to these pointless disorders.

In TLM, I will tell you specifically how to erase your eating disorder, like I did, so that you will both understand it and never experience it again

Eating disorders aren't eating disorders... they are not a disorder of eating...

Eating disorders have nothing to do with self image or weight, food or what and when we eat... sure, non of us wants to be overweight or uncomfortable and none of us wants to be 'ugly' I am sure, but psychology and medicine would have you believe that eating disorders are related to self-image but they are not.

Eating disorders are about risk mitigation... they are about safety seeking... they are about controlling symptoms and thoughts... and whilst they are associated to food and diet, they are NOT about food and diet.

I had an eating disorder for over 15 years. I would control how, when and what I ate. I would take laxatives. I was obsessed with food. My eating disorder made me weak and obsessive.

Since I recovered in 1997, I have never focused on my food. I eat to live... other than that, food means nothing to me... so much so that i really don't care how food tastes... it's just mind and body fuel that enables me to live life fully.

I have helped many thousands to overcome their eating disorders. I removed my own in under two days.

Eating disorder recovery is not about medication, therapy, exposure or forcing yourself to eat... doing so is nonsensical and counter-productive.

I'll show you how wrong psychology is about self-harming. This will make complete sense to you. I'll show you how to stop doing it and never consider it again

Self-harming isn't about 'harming'... it's about the reduction of fear that comes with doing it...

You know the concept of 'if it feels good, do it'... this is what is happening when people self-harm... the relief is addictive.

Human evolution has created a biological system that creates 'feel good' sensations when we do things that assist us to survive... they form part of instinct. This is why sex and eating feel good. The feelings they provide compel us to do them.

Self-harming provides sufferers with a sense of wellbeing... they KNOW that it's inappropriate but they feel compelled to do it 'because it feels good'.

You can't treat the compulsions... you can only treat and remove the underlying condition that fuels it. We have helped thousands of people to overcome their self-harming compulsion... how? By removing their anxiety disorder at its core.

If you have been told that talking therapy and medication are the answer, you have probably done both and soon realised that they don't work... but why don't they work? Because they can't work. You might as well take paracetamol... the very idea that they can communicate with your autonomic nervous system is ludicrous and misguided and the only reason you still suffer is that no one has told you how to recover.

We will show you exactly what to do to recover. It's so simple.

If no one has shown you how to lift your mood naturally, they're either stupid or want to make money off your suffering. I'll tell you how to recover from your low mood/depression

If you have anxiety, you DO NOT have clinical depression.

If you have been told that you have anxiety with depression, it's time to start listening to people who actually know that they are talking about. Anxiety and depression are unrelated. They are not part of the same condition. They cannot exist simultaneously (at the same time) in one brain. Anyone who tells you that anxiety and depression are the cause of your issues is very badly misinformed despite how 'qualified' they appear to be. If they understood the neurology of anxiety and fear fully, they would KNOW that anxiety and depression are separate and unrelated... as unrelated as athletes foot and a headache.

Ignorance causes suffering... most people who suffer with anxiety do so because talking therapies and medicine have absolutely no idea about the true science of the disorders or how to remove them.

I had low mood when I was anxious but anxiety related low mood is NOT depression... it's frustration, isolation, sadness and feeling thoroughly p***ed off... but it's NOT clinical depression and it CANNOT be treated by medication or talking therapy... to suggest that it can is lunacy.

Your mood will lift when your anxiety has been removed... your anxiety will be removed when your brain gets the message to remove it... how does that happen? In ONE way... there is ONE solution in humans and we will show you that process and help you to follow it fully until you recover.

When you understand the truth about why you think this way, the relief will be incredible. Let me show you how to erase those faulty beliefs fast

Body dysmorphic disorder isn't about how you look... it's about how you feel about how you look.

When you have a fear disorder (anxiety), how you 'feel' about anything is severely disrupted and embellished... when you are anxious, you are not in 'right mind' and able to distinguish between what is real and what is false fear.

Anxiety causes 'what if' thought processes which are, in fact, risk assessments. These risk assessments are activated by fight or flight (fear) in order to identify and deal with REAL risk but in anxiety disorders, no REAL risk exists so the thoughts focus on other subject-matter... in the case of BDD, it's subjects around how a person looks... whether these thoughts are based on truth or not is irrelevant... it's all about the anxiety.

We show BDD sufferers how to remove the link between fear and their appearance so that they never look at themselves and respond with inappropriate critical anxiety, fear or thoughts... in essence, they respond with emotional stability.

When I was anxious, my self-image was horrendous... I hated looking at myself. As soon as I recovered it stopped. I know I'm not perfect and there's lots I could change... growing hair would be nice, but it isn't on the cards... however, it doesn't 'bother' me... I am not anxious about how I look or how others perceive me... why? Because I don't have an anxiety disorder.

We will show you how to quickly eliminate your BDD and find total emotional balance, happiness and calm.

I've shown tens of thousands of women why they suffer, what actually causes it and how to switch back to normal emotional responses

Do you experience anxiety and low mood after having a baby?

If you are predisposed to developing an anxiety disorder and you haven't suffered previously, you are fortunate. If you have had anxiety in the past, have had a baby and now experience anxiety and low mood, I can tell you why.

You were always predisposed to developing an anxiety disorder and when and how it would first surface wasn't ever to be predicted but having a baby not only gives rise to high level social change but pregnancy gives rise to a raft of physiological, chemical and neurological experiences and post-birth, your body and mind's attempt to regain normality. It's a time of great transition which effects any woman at a very high level but for those predisposed to anxiety disorders, it can be amplified 100 times over.

I have helped thousands of women who have been diagnosed with postnatal anxiety and depression and without exception, they make fast and lifelong recoveries so please don't feel or be led to believe, that recovery is impossible or difficult... it is not.

Your mind and body want balance. They are waiting to receive instruction; instruction that wont reach them unless you know how to provide it.

That is what we do... we provide simple instruction on how to switch off inappropriate emotions and restore systemic balance both psychological and physiological.

I'll prove to you what causes your monophobia and how to wake up feeling confident and without any focus on your safety and being alone again

Monophobia isn't about being alone, it's about the anxiety that drives it...

Believe me, I know how it feels to have monophobia and agoraphobia; I had them for 20 plus years. But I also know that despite making you feel scared to be alone, to travel etc., it isn't about those fears/phobias, it's about the fear disorder that makes you believe that those things represent risk. Millions of people are alone every day but they don't fear it... you have an anxiety disorder... anxiety isn't fear... it's a disorder of the emotion of fear. The reason you are scared is fictional fear.

I have helped tens of thousands of people to overcome their anxiety, remove inappropriate fear, phobias and obsessions and to live a life free from anxiety and its symptoms.

Do not spend one more day worrying that you won't find the solution because I will prove to you that your anxiety and phobias can be switched off in hours, not even days.

Phobic responses are the product of inappropriate fear not frailty or vulnerability... monophobia is not a disorder, it is a phobic response caused by a risk assessment "what if X happens when I am alone?"

When you remove the inappropriate fear response that drives these anxious risk assessments, you fully erase the ability to experience monophobia or any other phobic response.

Since 1997 we have been teaching people how to quickly and fully switch OFF monophobia and the anxiety disorder that drives it.

It's so simple. So fast. So scientific... and it works.

Trust me... if it cured me, it will cure you because I was a physical and mental mess and I have seen people worse than I was make a full recovery in days... not even a week.

Trichotillomania can be removed so quickly. I'll tell you exactly why you do it and how to deactivate the urge to do it

Hair Pulling isn't what you might believe.

Trichotillomania sufferers are constantly told that they are suffering from mental illness but this ignorance is both misleading and counter-productive.

Trichotillomania is not mental illness... it might make you feel a bit 'mad' but madness is NOT your issue. Your issue is anxiety. Any of the compulsions sufferers carry out in an attempt to mitigate/reduce their anxiety is the result of high level risk assessments not anything associated with mental health.

We all do these risk assessments... constantly using our senses to detect risk and respond appropriately but when you suffer from anxiety they are driven by inappropriate fear responses not ACTUAL risk.

People pull their hair from their body whilst OCD sufferers might wash their hands, avoid touching door knobs or hoard objects. How is Trichotillomania any different to OCD then? It's not. It's OCD with a hair focus.

That's IT... it's nothing more and nothing less.

How do you recover from it? You erase the core disorder.

How do you erase the core disorder? We will show you.
"We will make sure that every client gets what they need in order to recover fast." Beth Linden

IBS is a direct result of fear responses. I'll tell you why and exactly what to do to stop it in its tracks

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - It makes total sense that it's anxiety related...

If your doctor has told you that your IBS causes anxiety or that your anxiety and IBS are unconnected... shame on them.

Let me give you the benefit of 12 years suffering from IBS and 20 years helping people with it!

In NOT ONE case we have helped has the IBS not been alleviated by eliminating the anxiety disorder. Emotional disequilibrium causes IBS... if there exists a bowel condition in the absence of a condition of the emotions, it's not likely to be IBS.

The digestive tract runs from your lips to you bum... it's complex, sensitive, involves many systems, many organs and apart from all else, it's huge. It's huge in size and huge in influence. It is also, probably, the first system of organs to be affected by fear (anxiety). During fight or flight its function is unnecessary. Whilst fighting or fleeing, it is not necessary to also be digesting food.

In fight or flight, a primary response is evacuation of the bowels in order to make the body lighter. This alone can be distressing for sufferers but often manifests as a variety of systemic symptoms like nausea, gas, bloating constipation, diarrhoea, pain, acid reflux and more. It's horrendous and I had it for years. The water used during digestion is diverted during fight or flight... this is moved into the blood stream to assist with transiting glucose and moisture to the muscles but in doing so, the body also accidentally causes acidity levels in the intestines to rise and digestion to become dry and sluggish.

Don't despair... it's transient. I know how it feels believe me and I don't intend to undermine how you are feeling because it quite literally is s**t sometimes but believe me when I tell you that you can overcome this fast.

When you remove the core anxiety disorder, which we can show you how to achieve quickly and simply, you will find that your digestive transit will equalise and you will suddenly and quickly feel more comfortable.

My IBS lifted, my 'rapid gastric emptying' (rapid diarrhoea) stopped immediately, I stopped getting gas, bloating, acid reflux and gastric pain and I returned to normal digestive function fast. This is the predominant experience of the majority of our clients.
"The team will show you what to do and support you through to recovery" Kathy Donovan. Lead Anxiety Recovery Practitioner

Believe me, I know how this feels. I also know what causes it, what it is caused by and I'll tell you how to remove it completely

Fear of fainting - Probably the most common symptom of anxiety

I felt terrified of passing out till I was 27. It would be pretty much constant. I never passed out, which possibly made it worse - the fear of the unknown was almost worse.

How many of our 200,000 plus clients have actually passed out from anxiety? What causes you to feel this way? CAN you pass out from anxiety? Reassurance plus facts, plus the right guidance, will not only show you that this and all anxiety symptoms can be erased but will give you definitive steps to take today that reduce your anxiety immediately and eliminate it completely, fast.
"The Linden Method removed my anxiety, panic, self-harming and phobias in under a week". Hollie Roberts.

I'll tell you how to delete your anxious focus on religion naturally and quickly

Scrupulosity isn't about religion

If you ARE religious, that's fine, this won't delete your faith. If you aren't religious, this will remove your anxious focus. You see, this isn't a condition of religion, it's anxiety, it is only that, in your case, your anxiety focuses on faith and your belief or none belief. I had this too and I will show you how I erased it completely and I'll show you exactly what I have shown thousands of clients that enabled them to erase it too. It's so simple, it's 'common sense' and it can be learned in under 10 minutes.

Clients find that the advice I provide removes their breathing issues first

Bad breathing doesn't cause anxiety - anxiety causes bad breathing

Let me clarify the sentence above. IF your breathing was 'bad' you would be experiencing medical symptoms of lack of oxygen. Let me make this very clear, your breathing FEELS bad because anxiety causes a raft of neurological responses that manifest as quickened breath, unnatural breathing, forced breathing, shortness of breath, heavy feelings in the chest, the inability to take a deep breath or catch your breath. All of these are normal, natural and harmless in anxiety and I will tell you exactly why they happen and exactly how to stop it from happening.

Anxiety stopped me for holidaying for decades. I'll show you how to quickly erase the core anxiety disorder and return to normal behaviours fast

Travelling can cause sufferer's symptoms to suddenly grow out of control

One minute you don't feel anxious or at least, less anxious... the next someone books a flight or announces a booked trip and your world falls apart. You instantly catastrophise and as the day approaches, your anxiety spirals out of control. I wonder how many times you and I have cancelled trips due to inappropriate fear? I know I cancelled hundreds when I was anxious. From school trips to family holidays, the fear would grip me and there was NOTHING that would get me on that plane, train or boat. I will show you how you can reverse this completely and give yourself and your loved ones the freedom to travel without ever considering this again.

I am certain that no one has ever told you what Globus is, why it happens or that it can be removed fast... I'll show you exactly how!

In all the years of suffering, no one ever explained what it is or how to remove it

In TLM, I will, not only explain what Globus is but I'll also explain how it is actually a feature of a genetic throwback to our evolutionary past.

I will show you how to eliminate it fast and centrally. I will show you how to wake up tomorrow without the anxious focus that drives Globus. I'll prove to you why every practitioner you have seen so far, who has failed to explain Globus to you and to remove it, is a fool. My Globus stopped in ONE HOUR after 9 years of medical investigations and anxiety.

In TLM, I'll show you how and lead you to recovery.
Some of our wonderful Linden Recovery Ambassadors
plum sykes ex linden method client
Plum Sykes - Vogue Editor
“I highly recommend the Anxiety Recovery Retreat & Linden Method Program.”
jemma kidd ex linden method client
Lady Jemma Mornington "Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use the Linden Method."
miranda hart linden method
Miranda Hart - Actress
Miranda is Director of our Childhood Recovery Programs and Workshops.
linda  robson the linden method
Linda Robson - Actress
"The Linden Method - not just life changers they are life savers."
jodie kidd the  linden method
Jodie Kidd - Supermodel
"I bought The Linden Method and within days, I was feeling better,”
kate ford the linden method client
Kate Ford - Actress
"Anyone suffering from anxiety should do The Linden Method. It worked for me."

The Anxiety & Depression Recovery Programs

For all conditions of the emotions - anxiety, phobia, obsessions, self-harm, eating disorders and low mood

Our programs have been developed by ex sufferers working in Mental Health in order to create fast and life-long recovery and physical and mental wellbeing based on science and experience

Recovery Programs
Age 7 upward

Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Printed book, CD and DVD version. For all ages. Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Recovery Workshops
Age 17 upward

One day recovery workshops in house or at your place of work/study. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are. Ongoing unlimited qualified support included.

Residential Recovery
Age 17 upward

Four day residential program at our Retreats venue. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Unlimited qualified support by our recovery specialists included.

Young People
Ages 4 - 17

Two day residential program at our West Midlands Safari Park educational centre. Mobile, tablet and desktop computer access to all materials, resources and support wherever you are.
Ongoing unlimited support included.