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We were the World's first ever online psycho-educational recovery organisation - Over 200,000 anxious people helped since 1997


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Simple, common sense, scientific recovery

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Since 1997 - Over 320,000 people helped - Linden Tree Education - UK's Only Online & Residential Recovery Provider
Relief From Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia, Pure O, PTSD, Health Anxiety, EatingDisorders, Self-Harm, Emetophobia, Depression, DP, DR... In Fact, All Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Currently helping over 23,000 clients in over 50 countries around the world


Clients helped up to 03.02.20
Ignoring this process is ignoring human evolution, simple science and recovery


Recovery Instructions & Unlimited Professional Recovery Support for the Price of One Therapy Session

It's easier than logging into Facebook! Our recovery instruction and support is all contained within our Recovery Portal which can be accessed from anywhere at any time on any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.
CPD Accredited Centre - TLM Recovery - NICE CG113 - *MBACP/BPS Support - 24 Yrs Practice - 320,000 plus ex-clients
*National Institute for Clinical Excellence - British Association of Chartered Psychotherapists Team - British Psychological Society


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Just one call to our team of qualified recovery experts will prove to you that you can and will recover.

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Thousands of Verified Recovery Testimonials - Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority

Sample comments left by Linden Method clients on our facebook page. View many more on the reviews menu item.
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method
the linden method

Aren't You Tired of Coping With and Managing Your Condition?
Are You Sick of Every Drug and Therapy Failing to Cure You?
Don't You Wonder Why You Suffer When Others Are Cured?

As soon as you start TLM, you will see why all else failed you, how you have been misled and ultimately, how easy and fast real recovery is!

The first thing most clients ask is..."Why wasn't I told about this earlier!"
Anxiety Disorder Recovery

What do you really want? Pseudoscience or proven recovery strategies?

That's me (Right). March 1996. 18 1/2 stone. Tanked up on sedatives and antidepressants. Glasses to protect my hypervigilant eyes.

Shot in Elan Valley, my wife, then girlfriend, Beth, decided to take me there, but as a housebound agoraphobic with OCD, eating disorder, panic disorder, depersonalization, derealization, health anxiety and emetophobia... it was terrifying. I couldn't breathe. The world was spinning. My stomach was cramping. I felt like I was dying.

Psychology and psychiatry had taken my home... I remortgaged and spent my savings on psychotherapy that I now know, has no scientific basis... but despair pushed me to try anything... from seemingly possible, to ridiculous. Millions suffer like I did... hopelessly but needlessly.

24 years later, understanding the real science, having helped over 320,000 people... having proven recovery efficacy 900% above any other resource... this photo is testament to truth and dedicated to EVERY sufferer of any age victimised by ignorance and bad science... we are here to save you from the suffering that nearly took everything away from me.

To my last psychologist... I hope you're still enjoying your Porsche... (my Porsche) and now understand that you are so, so wrong, but also a liar, a thief of my money, trust and time.
Need recovery? - I'll provide it to you, starting right now.

Charles Linden

Director LTE.
The Linden Method.
Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

We don’t trade in anxiety management or coping strategies…
…we are focused only on doing everything we can to make
your FULL recovery simple, swift and permanent.

Our Well-Known Recovery Ambassadors

Why Choose
The Linden

  • Over 1.5 million people helped since 1997
  • Simplicity - Even children of 7 do it with ease
  • Reassurance - All symptoms & thoughts fully explained
  • Accessible - Works on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop
  • Magic Pill tools tools to use when anxious or panicking
  • Unlimited, 'no appointment', professional support
  • A 'science based' solution - no 'psycho-babble'
  • Highest recovery results - No others come close
  • 1000's of recovery testimonials & medical reviews
  • Proven - scientific 'no effort/painless' recovery process
  • The oldest online, phone and email counselling service
  • UNLIMITED lifetime access to all content & updates
  • Not doing TLM is ignoring fast recovery and science
linden method guarantee

The Linden Method will Remove...

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Attacks / Panic Disorder
  • Agoraphobia / Monophobia
  • Derealization / Depersonalization
  • Health Anxiety / Hypochondria
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Overthinking / Rumination
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Inappropriate / Intrusive / Disturbing Thoughts
  • Eating Disorders - Eating Phobias
  • Fear of swallowing / Fainting / Dying
  • Globus Hystericus - Lump in Throat
  • Self-harming / Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania)
  • Emetophobia - Fear of Vomit or Vomiting
  • Post / Perinatal Anxiety / OCD / Depression
Generalized Anxiety Disorder - GAD Recovery

The simple, scientific 'common sense' alternative to what has failed you!

TLM is the only professional, accredited psycho-educational anxiety disorder recovery treatment.
Panic Disorder & Panic Attacks Recovery
Agoraphobia & Monophobia Recovery
OCD - Pure O - HOCD - POCD - ROCD Recovery
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery
Health Anxiety & Fear of Dying Recovery
Eating Disorder Recovery
Emetophobia & Hair Pulling Recovery
Depersonalization & Derealization Recovery
CFS - ME - Fibromyalgia Recovery
Low Mood - Depression Recovery

1000's of Verifiable Recovery Statements* - Evidence Based Recovery

The simple, scientific 'common sense' solution - The **ONLY recovery therapy

*Policy compliance by Trading Standards **TLM is the only professional, accredited, psycho-educational anxiety disorder recovery solution.

Eliminating your anxiety with The Linden Method will:

The Linden Method will show you how to...

Once your anxiety has been removed, it will not return

You can do this with little effort and the speed of your recovery will shock you!

Science Fiction?

Well, it is science, but there's no fiction involved!

We know that you'll love the speed of relief... how do we know? Because since 1997, we've seen it tens of thousands of times. Our biggest bugbear is that we can't get this to every sufferer... if every child had this, anxiety disorders would die out!

The Linden Method has been developed using the results reported to us and experienced by each and every participant since its launch.

The Method has been 'distilled' from the richest source of evidence available - recovered anxiety and panic attacks sufferers themselves; so we KNOW that it will end your search for a solution that really 'does what it says on the tin'.

The results experienced are not those of just a handful of people in a random test group, they are the results experienced by over 96% of complying programme participants.

Perhaps your anxiety or panic attacks are mild. It could be that YOUR anxiety only affects you when you feel stressed, visit the dentist or make public speeches for example.

It could be that you suffer with constant anxiety attacks, phobias, OCD, obsessive thoughts, depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder or stress. Maybe you are plagued by weird o, aggression or obsessions.

Regardless of how your anxiety manifests itself, the underlying cause and the solution are the same in EVERY single case and it's so simple, fast and 100% permanent!

BUT, it's not only about anxiety recovery. TLM will also return you to full, body and mind-wide wellbeing. It's like 'starting over' again.

Recent questions asked in client feedback submissions:

"Why didn't I come here sooner?"

"Why don't the NHS offer your solution?"

"The money spent on other therapies would pay for 1000's of retreats like yours."

"I waited and procrastinated for 4 years before booking. I wish I hadn't."

"I can't believe I feel so much better in under 4 days."

"Why are we told that anxiety can't be cured?"

"Why was I told repeatedly that I had anxiety with depression? It's nonsense."

"Why isn't this science explained elsewhere?"

"Why have medicine and psychology got it wrong?"
"I never thought I could feel like this again?"

NO talking therapy - NO analysing the past - NO complex words.
NO medication or hypnosis - None of what has failed to help you.
Just common sense and simple recovery instructions and support!


In National Health Service* Tests TLM was 100% effective at removing anxiety disorders.
To put that into context, there are no demonstrable recovery outcomes using talking therapies or medication.
No other professional mental health organisation has anywhere close to our 1000's of recovery testimonials.
In a client survey, 100% of people asked stated that they had referred other people to TLM since recovering.
TLM is the only psycho-educational recovery program - NHS Stepped Care Model / NICE.

*In NHS specified trials of The Linden Method, anxiety levels dropped from average 18.24 (severe) to 2.84 (normal).

Immediate access to invaluable tools for
emotional and physical balance and recovery

FREE - Unlimited, Private Anxiety Recovery Counselling

Your qualified Recovery Specialist will guide you to recovery and unlike any other psychologist, counsellor or therapist, you won't have to wait till your next session - You can contact them whenever and as often as you need to. FREE with TLM membership

Anxiety Recovery Retreats & Workshops

Unbelievably empowering. I just felt a difference after speaking to him and like I can do this. He is crucial to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat experience.
Becky Toms

The most intelligent man and explanation of my disorders I have ever come across. How Charles explains anxiety, the science and everything around it is incredible. I didn't want his session to end.
Marissa K

If you have the opportunity to just sit and listen to Charles talk, do it. In 40 years of psychotherapy and psychology, I have never heard such incredibly eloquently positioned common sense. I didn't have to say a word, Charles said it all, without hesitation or pregnant pause and it was life changing. Unbelievable.
Kay. R

What an inspiration he is! He connects very well with clients and you realise he has gone through the same anxiety. Thank you so much for spending the time talking to us in a small group.
Kieran Broom

Life changing. Charles' experience and knowledge is unbelievable but more than that, it makes so much damn sense.
David Irvine

Very informative. I think the opportunity to meet the founder of the organisation is a great touch. The advice Charles gave me helped me to connect the dots.
Aaron Barnes

Charles group session helped me immensely, I felt amazing afterwards. He explains everything so well and ensures all of your questions are answered.

Charles should be minister for mental health. I have had anxiety for over 40 years and I have seen hundreds of people over those years. In a couple of hours the relief was overwhelming. Never before have I felt so empowered and 'well'. Charles needs to get The Linden Method to every sufferer.
Karen Jackson

Although I hadn't thought of questions previously, I had lots once I arrive. He was really informative and I was amazed at how much research he had done which reassured me that this method will work. Really inspirational.
Zoe Wild

Charles was brilliant, caring, funny and informative. I feel privileged to have met him. The Anxiety Recovery Retreat is amazing.
Natalie NavenantnAs seen o

"You don't need to 'believe in it' for it to work... you just need to DO it and you'll see! It's simple science applied practically. SUCH common sense."
Jackie Anderson. MBACP. Director of Operations

WARNING: The Linden Method is available from only. TLM materials bought elsewhere are unauthorised, counterfeit & incomplete.
There are seemingly legitimate online shops selling copies of TLM, but both the product and the associated reviews are fake. Trading Standards
are working on having the materials and reviews removed. It is illegal to sell or acquire unlicensed program materials from a third party.

WARNING - Fake Linden Method materials - Only download or join on our licensed websites READ MORE


Most popular client questions: Charles, why is what you do so different?

"I suffered for 22 years and I then created my own recovery... since 1996 I have probably personally helped more anxious people than anyone else in the world. I have sat in front of tens of thousands of sufferers and heard thousands of stories and in not one case have I been unable to provide a sensible, scientific and reassuring answer that speaks the language of sufferers. TLM provides the benefit of a deep understanding of the true science of anxiety and recovery and a bank of hundreds of reassuring resources and simple structure that leads to REAL recovery. In addition, professional guidance, support and reassurance provides sufferers with exactly what they need to recover. Nothing else achieves the results we have demonstrated consistently for over 22 years."

It's not just me sat here helping people - My team of mental health professionals and Recovery Specialists are here ready to help you to find fast and life-long relief from your condition.

Charles Linden. BA Hons. Director of Learning

Close the door on anxious thoughts and feelings and open the door to balance,
calm and freedom from emotional distress

If you or a loved one would like to telephone to ask any questions, please call our Program Advisor, Janice Dwyers.

Her direct line is 01562 732076 (outside UK 0044 1562 732076).

Janice is an ex anxiety sufferer who practised as a CBT practitioner in Birmingham before using TLM to make a full recovery.

Realising the flaw in psychological practice, she came to work for LTE.

Janice is happy to talk about her experience and answer any questions about the programs.

We were YOU once. So, we know
what you need & want today.
Every specialist at LTE has suffered from anxiety disorders, recovered and qualified in professional mental healthcare. They've also helped thousands of people, like you, to fully recover.

Immediate access to invaluable tools for
emotional and physical balance and recovery

Anxiety Sufferers:
Nothing works, so you feel like giving up... right?

25 years ago, I felt just like you do now. I suffered for over 22 years. Anxiety, OCD, up to 8 panic attacks per day, health anxiety, agoraphobia, eating disorders, emetophobia, depersonalization, derealization, Pure O... HOCD... it was hell.

That's me in 1995, bottom right, heavily medicated, having had talking therapies, hypnosis, counselling and other therapies over many years, I realised nothing would ever free me from the daily hell I was living.

Surrounded by other long-terms sufferers, there was no evidence of recovery... so, I just gave up.

Then, aged 26, I learned something by complete chance and immediately changed my life.

After a short period of research and development, I started helping others to do the same as I had done.

After just 8 months I employed psychological professionals to help me to create and run, what is now, the most effective, respected, unique recovery organisation in the world.

A practice that has helped over 320,000 people with *100% recovery effectiveness - over 900% more effective than talking therapy. (*NHS Specified Trials)

We have Online, Workshop and Residential recovery options... true life changers.
Charles Linden
Program Developer
Director LTE
Charles Linden
in 1995

In the next 10 minutes...

...I will be telling you exactly what to do to remove your anxiety and replace it with normal emotional responses using the simple, scientific solution that all recovered sufferers used.

I'm going to teach you to reset your emotions back from fear, obsession, panic and phobia to complete calm.

My webinar, which you will see on entering the Recovery Portal, will give you specific instructions on how to stop your condition naturally, easily and fast.

I was you once. I suffered for 22 years and in 1997 I recovered. Since then I have shown over 250,000 people how to recover and it's so simple.

We have over 11,000 active clients and myself and my team run corporate and residential recovery programs - In those sessions I tell clients exactly how to recover and the results are just so wonderful. YOU will love what you learn. I know that because in 20 years, I have never seen anyone leave unhappy, but I have seen thousands of people crying with relief. See them on our testimonials pages

You will soon understand why all else failed. You will understand why medication doesn't remove the disorders. You will understand why talking therapies fail. You will fully understand every thought, phobia, compulsion and symptom.

If you suffer from panic, anxiety, agoraphobia, monophobia, OCD, Pure O, health anxiety, PTSD, depression, grief, eating disorders, self-harm or any other related condition... you will 100% KNOW how to recover, that I absolutely promise you.

Does it seem too good to be true? In the absence of proof it would seem that way but just look at the 1000's of people on this website who were just like you once and now enjoy full, happy lives free from their disorders.

The reason myself and my team are called in to get people back on stage, the international games field, on set or into their workplace is that we have a 20 year reputation for being the best in mental health. Where others teach 'coping', we teach recovery.
How to recover fast
My anxiety recovery seminar for you to watch in the next few minutes.

Like I said, because I suffered day and night for 22 years, I KNOW YOU, from the inside out but I also know how I flipped my life around in two days and I want to teach you that right now so that you don't waste another day on this influential but pointless condition.

I will teach you to TAKE CONTROL OF your emotional responses

No matter how terrified, phobic, obsessive or low you feel right now, you will be shown how to take back immediate, total control of your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body and give clear, simple instructions to your mind that you are in charge and in control.

Do you want your anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, OCD and/or inappropriate thoughts to just STOP... naturally and effortlessly?
TLM is for all conditions of the emotions and their symptoms -
See full list here

Do you want your anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, OCD and/or inappropriate thoughts to just STOP... naturally and effortlessly?
TLM is for all conditions of the emotions and their symptoms -
See full list here

LTE News

Beth Linden has been appointed Chair of Linden Tree Education and Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

Beth has been with LTE for over 17 years and was previously Director of Programs. Beth has taken over from Charles as Chair to allow Charles more time to work on other projects.

Jackie Anderson has stepped in as Programs/Operations Director after over 10 years with us. Jackie is a psychotherapist and recovery practitioner with over 20 years experience in professional mental health practice.

FREE Professional Support

FREE UNLIMITED Private Anxiety Recovery Support for every Linden Method member.

Did you know that when you join The Linden Method, you get unlimited access to experienced, qualified anxiety recovery specialists that would cost over £80 an hour in private practice. There to reassure and guide you when YOU need them. And they have all suffered and recovered, so they know exactly how you feel. No other professional organisation provides constant, unlimited, recovery support!

Our team consists of BACP and BPS psychotherapists and psychologists and LAR accredited practitioners.



Jodie & Jemma Kidd on Lorraine

"Both sisters had times when they thought they were going mad, but have conquered their fears after being treated by fellow sufferer turned anxiety expert Charles Linden. ‘There’s this misconception that anxiety is associated with mental illness and that it is a sign of weakness and lack of control. It’s none of those things, and that is why I want to tell my story,’ says Jemma, ‘so that we can lessen the taboo." Daily Mail 
Jemma and Jodie used The Linden Method to overcome their anxiety and panic attacks. Jemma also referred Vogue USA Fashion Editor and four times best selling novelist, Plum Sykes to The Linden Method following her own success with the program, who also subsequently recovered. Jemma also attended The Anxiety Recovery Retreat after her recovery in order to learn more about TLM and to cement her recovery.

Anyone with anxiety that was in Manchester Arena gets FREE Linden Method Membership

Contact us attaching a photo or scan of your ticket booking confirmation and we will arrange for you to have full access to all the materials for life.

We are dedicated to both supporting the eradication of acts of terror and supporting those affected by them.

NEW for 2017

Child & Parent Anxiety Recovery Workshops
Miranda is a director of The Childhood Recovery Workshops and recorded this message to inspire all parents to find out more.

The Workshops are at the wonderful West Midlands Safari Park Academy, a brand new facility for learning on the park overlooking the Hippo lake and Giraffes!

The events are for young people from 7 to 17 years of age and a parent.

Video of the Week

Can changing your thoughts erase anxiety?

How will YOU benefit?

  • gain fast emotional balance

    Producing recovery isn't 'hit or miss' - When you have the correct people providing the correct guidance, it's like eating to cure hunger

  • recover & create fulfillment

    No need to stop working, stop medication or vastly change what you do or where you go - Our programs fit into all lifestyles seamlessly

  • recovery wherever anxious people are

    No appointments necessary. No waiting list. People don't need counselling or medication, they need an effective solution & support wherever they are


Clients tell us that they experience a 'lightbulb moment' - when it all suddenly makes complete sense and they realise why nothing else has worked!

The overwhelming relief is wonderful!

Also FREE when you join TLM

In addition to The Linden Method and qualified recovery support, you will be able to access a wealth of additional resources which compliment The Linden Method and will speed up your recovery

We currently include all of our published books, CDs, TV series, DVDs, Recovery Webinars and much more, (worth over £900), in our Portal Membership. All of our resources can be used on desktop, laptop, phones and tablets using any operating system.
Here are just SOME of the resources you will be able to access
STOP panic attacks in their tracks
Remove agoraphobia in 5 simple steps
Audios to create fast and deep sleep
Confidence building audios
How to become powerful & resilient
Visualisations to create deep relaxation
Charles' entire Stress Free TV series
Charles' Stress Free Book
Conquer Anxiety & Panic Attacks DVD
Conquer Generalised Anxiety Disorder DVD
Conquer Panic Disorder DVD
Conquer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder DVD
Specific condition busting instruction. Videos on every condition and how to overcome them all fast
Panic Attacks Talkdown Videos. Watch to stop panic attacks as they start, wherever you are
Regular and previous interactive Anxiety Recovery Webinars - hosted by Charles Linden
How to Recover From Anxiety Disorders in minutes. With Charles Linden
Life-coaching and counselling instruction to help you to address stressful life experiences
Every anxious symptom, thought and sensation explained simply and scientifically

Brand new & included in TLM

The Grief Brief will teach you how to quickly deal with loss, grief and change - A simple video explanation of the science and how to use it!
All resources are published by Lifewise Publishing, Hay House Publishing, CL Media and Linden Tree Education under license.
And many, many more since 1997
Read, watch and hear more testimonials

What do YOU have to do?

It really is child's play! Kids of seven do it with ease!

Join a Program

Join within 3 minutes and get instant access to all the materials and support

Watch the Instruction videos

Watch the instructional videos and do as instructed. Use the recovery resources as needed

Contact Support

IF you require assistance, reassurance, guidance or just a chat, email or call us

Enjoy Life

If you do as instructed, emotional balance will follow. Now just enjoy the life you deserve


Linda Robson

Linda brought her son to us after years of failed therapy at the country's top clinics. Louis was suffering from anxiety, panic, OCD and agoraphobia. After just days, Louis was functioning fully again. Here Linda tells the story - thank you Linda.


Kyle was presented to us as a 15 year old with anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessions by Gok Wan during the production of his Gok's Teens TV series. In days, Kyle was back to his normal self after years of suffering and failed treatments.

2 more great success stories!

Two great success stories that have since been televised.

Actress Linda Robson talks about her son's recovery using our program and 15 year old Kyle talks about how we turned his life around during the TV program 'Gok's Teens' after years of suffering from anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and obsessive thoughts.

View more client stories

at West Midland Safari Park
For 7-17 year olds

Miranda Hart on our Childhood Recovery Events
Learn more

at The Elms Retreat & Spa
For 18 years plus

Linda Robson on our Anxiety Recovery Retreats
Learn more

CONSTANT Support from qualified ex sufferers

People who know what it is to suffer, but also know how to recover fully

We employ ex sufferers with mental health qualifications and Anxiety Recovery Practitioner accreditation that you can talk to when YOU need them. No appointments or waiting time.

Jenny Brookes

Jenny is our lead educator and is responsible for delivering our Anxiety Recovery Workshops and Retreat Programmes. Jenny is a psychologist and a long time member of the BPS
Learn more

Jackie Anderson

Jackie is our Facilities Manager. Jackie's experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist and as our Retreat Host means that she has a massive mine of knowledge about anxiety disorders and recovery.
Learn more

Focused on true RECOVERY

We know that all you want is to feel better as quickly and easily as you possibly can

It's just so simple, but like anything in life, it has to be done in order to get results. The process is so simple that children don't even know they are doing it - it's just a different way of doing what you already do, but it switches off the disorders! 

Our mission

To wipe out all anxiety related conditions globally. We've already made a good start.

Our goals

To create recovery in 2 million people before 2018 & make TLM the first choice therapy.

Become a recovery practitioner!

When you have recovered, you can gain an internationally recognised practitioner qualification as an Anxiety Recovery Professional. Join us to help others to recover as we helped you.


Some of the clients & celebrities who have used The Linden Method

Some of the thousands of Linden Method testimonials we have received.